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Calling for GA Minutes!

The facilitation team has been able to acquire and archive a significant amount of all of OSD’s GA minutes. If you have taken notes for any of the days we are missing, please help. A full compendium of minutes from our General Assembly is key to empowering all curious Occupiers. Please email any notes you may have to: OSDfacilitation.ga@gmail.com

If you are great at taking notes you can help us in the future! Bring your skills to FP and help the facilitation team keep the Occupation informed and aware.

Special acknowledgement to Facilitator Melissa in her amazing efforts (read: huge accomplishments) in finding/transcribing/organizing/publishing OSDs most complete set of GA minutes! Thanks Melissa!


Consensus Notes from GA 01/12/12

Below are the decisions made at the General Assembly tonight, January 12th, 2012.

Discussion:  If they’re not together, do we march with Veterans for Peace or Ocupemos El Barrio/Occupy the Hood?

Proposal for tomorrow night’s GA to stand in solidarity with Ocupemos El Barrio and march in their spot in the parade.

Proposal:  That Occupy San Diego stands in solidarity with Occupy Congress.


Proposal:  That Facilitation maintain possession of the strategically recovered laptop for website upkeep and other facilitation uses. Facilitation will make the laptop available to Occupiers on site whenever on-site, battery willing. The laptop will be returned, inventoried, and officially checked out once Resources is completely back up and running.


Proposal:  That we will have GA on level ground whenever possible so everyone speaks to each other from equal ground.


Specifics for each consensus call can be found in Past Proposals.