GA Consented Proposals

Agenda proposals that had been consensus upon by the San Diego General Assembly in the past. If you believe there are mistakes and/or omissions on this page, please contact us at

1/12/12 Proposal: That Occupy San Diego stands in solidarity with Occupy Congress. From Crowd-storming group 1/11 0.00 CONSENSUS
Abstentions: 4
In Favor: 22
Neutral: 1
Blocks: 1 (withdrawn)
1/12/12 Proposal: That Facilitation maintain possession of the strategically recovered laptop for website upkeep and other facilitation uses. Use of the laptop will be available to Occupiers on site whenever on-site, battery willing. The laptop will be returned, inventoried, and officially checked out once Resources is completely up and running. Resources will have access to update/maintain secondary, digital records of inventory/resources. Facilitation 0.00 CONSENSUS
Abstentions: 0
In favor: 20
Neutral: 0
Block: 1 (withdrawn)
1/12/12 Proposal: That we will have GA on level ground whenever possible so everyone speaks to each other from equal ground. Facilitation
with friendly amendment
Abstentions: 2
In favor: 11
Neutral: 2
Blocks: 1 (withdrawn)
*Note:  Quorum was present*
12/19/2011 “We are all leaders” Solidarity Working Group n/a Consensus: not call this a leaderless movement but we are all leaders of this movement.
12/30/2011 Ballot proposal to change municipal code 54.0110 Women Occupy n/a Consensus: Proposal will be submitted to City Council per ballot proposal guidelines.
01/04/2012 “We the People Project” Culture Jamming Project n/a Consensus: that OSD acknowledge that electoral candidates on the ballot are illegitimate or not worth voting for write in “We the People” as a form of mass protest
01/05/12 Direct Action Approval Proposal Mike, Hex, James, PJ Unknown Consensus:Direct Action Working group will be working on a DA for J. Sanders’ State of the City Address. They’ll meet Sat. 1/7 @ noon to discuss further!
 01/07/12 Start at Strategy Committee Sandy N.  Unknown Consensus: to start Strategy Committee.
 01/23/12 Statement of Political Autonomy Education(?)  0.00  Consensus: GA consents that OSD will not endorse political parties/candidates or give them preferential treatment.


 1/18/12 Method for counting 9/10s Vote Facilitation Committee  0.00  Consensus= Vote will be counted as in favor of vs opposed to proposal, where abstentions count towards quorum and opposition could just mean that one doesn’t like the proposal. In order to calculate votes, they will be rounded if need be, rounding up from .5.
 1/13/12 Emergency Proposal: Whereas Will and Rick have announced their intention to step back, that OSD Facilitation be given control of all OSD passwords and internet property, with intentions of redistribution through GA. Resources Unknown CONSENSUS
1/7/12 Proposal: OSD to endorse the actions –  as a matter of principle, not policy – of Occupy Greyhound in solidarity with Occupy Congress. Occupy Greyhound 0.00 Consensus
1/7/12 Affinity Group wants to form working group called Occupy San Diego County John K and affinity group Unknown Drafted,to be proposed Saturday Jan 7, 2012

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