Occupy SoCal Event in San Diego on Agenda

Tonight’s GA will be one to attend. There are two proposals, one from the Occupy San Diego County Strategic Planning Committee and one from the OSD Events committee, which are being discussed today at a joint meeting of the two committees at Freedom Plaza. The GA Agenda item tonight will either be the collective plan that comes out of the joint meeting OR the GA will decide which plan to endorse moving forward as the OSD sanctioned Occupy SoCal event.

OSDCSPC’s plan involves the Democratic State Convention.
OSD Event’s plan involves a Free Speech Fight Anniversary action.
Both plans are intended to take place on Saturday, February 11th, 2012.

Hopefully, there will be one unified plan proposed at GA tonight, otherwise the 2 plans will both be addressed at the GA tonight.

We hope to see you all there!



Notes are up!

The notes from the weekend’s GAs are up! See them on the GA Minutes page.

Our facilitation team is small, and some of our members are currently Occupying the road to Congress. We make every effort to get the notes up as promptly as possible, and urge your continued patience as we streamline this process.

If you have a functioning committee that we have omitted from the Working Groups page, please send an email to osdfacilitation.ga@gmail.com or message us here with the committee name, description, and meeting times. If meeting times vary, please send us as many meeting times as are planned so that we may add those to the calendar.

Thank you all for all of your help. This would not be possible without all of the work you do!


Consensus Notes from GA 01/12/12

Below are the decisions made at the General Assembly tonight, January 12th, 2012.

Discussion:  If they’re not together, do we march with Veterans for Peace or Ocupemos El Barrio/Occupy the Hood?

Proposal for tomorrow night’s GA to stand in solidarity with Ocupemos El Barrio and march in their spot in the parade.

Proposal:  That Occupy San Diego stands in solidarity with Occupy Congress.


Proposal:  That Facilitation maintain possession of the strategically recovered laptop for website upkeep and other facilitation uses. Facilitation will make the laptop available to Occupiers on site whenever on-site, battery willing. The laptop will be returned, inventoried, and officially checked out once Resources is completely back up and running.


Proposal:  That we will have GA on level ground whenever possible so everyone speaks to each other from equal ground.


Specifics for each consensus call can be found in Past Proposals.

Call for Content

We’ve been working hard in facilitation to get this site up and running, and as you all can see, it’s got a long way to go to get all the old information up. You can help! Send us your notes from past General Assemblies, information from the committees in OSD that you’d like us to put up, and anything else that seems important for us to include on this site. We’re still sorting through what we have, but what we have isn’t comprehensive.

Aside from that, take a look around. The calendar will give you information about committee meetings (that actually happen) and events. Make sure you look over the proposals that are coming up, see what’s recently come through the General Assembly, and we look forward to seeing you at Freedom Plaza!



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