Day 117: 02/06/2012

Occupy San Diego General Assembly
Monday, February 6, 2010
Moderator: Benjamin “Doc”
Stack Keeper: PJ
Time Keeper: John
Note Taker: Benjamin

Due to planned February 8 actions, the Feb. 8 General Assembly will begin at 8 p.m.

Moderator announced the Sunday, February 5, 20112, consensus item, the impeachment of an Occupier, did not follow GA procedures and as such was null and void. Moderator stated he had spoke with several members of the Facilitation Committee in coming to this decision. However, the proposal brought forth during the Friday, February 3 GA to censor an individual had followed procedure and would be brought forth for consensus during agenda items.

Limited discussion followed announcement.

Committee Announcements
Lots of marches on the horizon, stay tuned for more information.

Day of Action, Feb 8. This event will be in conjunction with the San Diego Labor Council. Meet at Freedom Plaza at 4 p.m. and move to various corners inline with the 100th Anniversary of the San Diego Free Speech movement. Occupiers will have an opportunity to take to Soap Boxes and exercise freedom of speech. At 6 p.m. the Labor Council will begin their official rally and OSD will back and off and participate in a support capacity.

San Diego Labor Council Facebook events page:

Events is currently examining which ALEC corporation should be the focus of February 29 actions. Sempra Energy is currently being evaluated as a potential target. Events announced they will be brining a proposal to the General Assembly concerning a process to send people to the Olympia, Wash. InterOcc event. More information about the event can be found here:

We The People 2012
The committee held its first meeting, Saturday and is in the process of putting together a framework comprising as many different political viewpoints as possible. It was stressed the framework would be politically issue centered and would not contain politics of party.

The committee meets on Saturdays in Ocean Beach at the Dog Beach fire pits, park at the lot at Del Monte and Abbot at 7 p.m. and Sundays at Freedom Plaza at 5:30 p.m.

Occupy Women
The committee announced the cohosting of a barn-storming event in conjunction with, set for Feb. 28

Facebook Events page for Feb. 28,

Committee announced they were repurposing the “99%” stickers to a form of outreach. Anyone who knows of local businesses who might be interested in supporting OSD should contact members of finance to make arraignments.

Finance also reiterated there was only one official OSD donations site ( ). It has come to finances attention there are a least one or two other sites currently out there ( that were seeking donations. Finance asked that people please be mindful of where they make their donations as OSD has been the victim of fraud and scams in the past.

Committee announced launch of new OSD website – are encouraged to participate in the forums and add content to the website.

The question was posed to Media who controlled the administrative passwords to the site and other media assets. Members of the committee stated they were working on a process to ensure keys to the kingdom weren’t soley in the possession of a single individual and would be bringing that to GA in the near future. The question was also raised as to the location of the OSD media cart – it is currently safe at the offices of Activist San Diego.

InterOcc Super Committee
Link to schedule of events for F11 actions –

Due to having to leave GA, Mike Garcia, as an extension of finance, announced the website – is seeking bloggers, photographers and other contributors to their site. Occupy San Diego was specifically invited to contribute.

Members of the San Diego City council will be reading a proclamation regarding the 100th Anniversary of San Diego’s Free Speech Movement, all occupiers are encouraged to attend and speak to OSD concerns and how it relates to the Free Speech movement.

Agenda Items
Move to consensus: a vote of no confidence on Occupier John Kenney.

Stating of Grievances – given the extraordinary turn-out at this general assembly, the moderator took a temperature check asking if individuals wanted to restate grievances against the individual. The temperature check was overwhelmingly in the affirmative.

Summary of identified grievances: Lack of transparency for InterOcc Super Committee and lack of transparency in action (video, audio recording) in general, making promises not consented up during Long Beach InterOcc GA, surveillance of occupiers homes, blatant violations of the good neighbor policy (recording individuals who specifically asked not to be recorded), inability to explain actions when questioned, falsely representing himself as OSD Consentor in official communications, issuing of press releases not consented upon, willfully violating established political autonomy statement, establishing a 66% consensus model for led committees, actively violates and encourages others to violate GA process, misrepresentation of self to others, general obstructionism.

Following the listing of grievances, a question stack was opened. Several questions clarifying the grievances were brought up. Specifically individuals wanted to see the documented proof concerning the accusations of surveiling occupier’s homes, evidence was provide for those seeking.

During the Concern Stack, it was voiced that any move to vote of no confidence for an individual should have a clear path back to “confidence.” It was noted the path back to confidence should be clearly defined.

After a lengthy period of time trying to incorporate all of the concerns, facilitations restated the new proposal ( The measure received 37 Ayes, 1 abstention, and 4 blocks. The vote of no confidence will go back to committee and be on the Feb 7, GA agenda.

Day 117

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Day 115

Day 114: 02/03/2012

Committee Announcements

We The People 2012 Campaign meeting
  • Saturday 7PM at OB Fire Pits, Sunday 5PM at Freedom Plaza
  • Check FB Group page for details
Sunday 1-3PM: Professor from CSU Fullerton – How to tell if a social movement has succeeded
Medical Wellness Committee
  • Sick calls on M,W,F at GA: come here to get medical/wellness help!
  • Need food donations

Finance Committee

  • $500 donated for 2 Occupy Summit events
Agenda Items
  • Grievances regarding John Kenney
    • Proposals for Sunday GA Agenda
    • 1) No filming those who don’t want to be filmed
    • 2) Vote of non-confidence + removal from All committees and votes for next 30 days
    • 3) Cease and desist from filming people until accountability committee meets to address issue
  •  OSD Summit:
    • PASSED:  Tomorrows debate between bob filner and josh funn will now be in horizontal structure where everyone can participate. This reached consensus by osd general assembly on 2/3. We encourage everyone to attend and participate in the discussion.
      • Progressive stack for Josh and Bob out of respect for their preparation. 5 minutes for each of them to start, with 2 minute rebuttals followed by a general discussion with 2 minute points and 1 minute rebuttals for everyone else. Rebuttals occur whenever an individual is “called out” or otherwise mentioned in a point. The person mentioned gets the rebuttal.
  • Finance Committee Proposal:
    • PASSED: Unused portions of donations designated for specific events will be returned to the OSD general fund. Language will be posted on the website
  • Occupy Oakland Solidarity Statement tabled until Sunday
  • Moderator Next Feminist Friday: Lynn Ann

Day 113: 02/02/2012

Mod: Tito



Time: ?

Committee Announcements:

Events: meeting 2/3 at 4:30 and noon

We the People 2012: 7 PM bonfire Saturday Nights Ocean Beach

Media Committee: Update: draft of charter, no update on website, meet 6 PM 2/7

End of congressional protest day

Buy tickets for Olympia trip Monday- donate


Statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland proposed.


  1. Too vague. Do we agree with how Oakland defended themselves? Support Oakland as fellow Occupiers. Denounce Oakland for being “violent”?
  2. Hell no we shouldn’t denounce them!
  3. The way it’s worded so far… do we agree with their “violence” [facilitator’s note: parentheses added around “violence, violent” by notetaker]
Break out Group discussion
Report backs:
  1. Idea of reconfirming commitment to non-violence, no definition of violence or non-violence from OSD, statement must be vague… more details…. removed “the people” to bring autonomy out of statement. Remain in solidarity with the OO movement.
  2. Happy with proposal. Specifically vague takes into account media spin. OWS did things on NYE that might be considered destructive: stacked metal fencing, unarrested people. We can’t police other Occupations it completely ??? but who are we? We are an autonomous cell
  3. Definition undefined. Do we need a statement? is retaliation violence? It’s a complex topic.
  4. Hypocrisy with the issue. We have a statement of non-violence and of solidarity, stop playing their games.
POI: No ??? this when OWS had actions, no OO is under attack
Temp check: No pass
Friendly Amendment Stack:
2 proposals come out of FA stack
Amended proposal
2 disagree
1st proposal: 6 yes, 2 blocks
2nd proposal: 27  yes, 3 blocks
Tabled to working group.
Moderator for Friday is Cecile, Saturday is Cheryl and Hex

Day 112: 02/01/2012

Moderator: William

Stack: John

Time: Jenny

Notes: Chuck

Committee Announcements:


Working on soapboxes

Meeting @ 4:30 daily until 2/12


Sick-call 10-12 Saturdays at Freedom Plaza

Meet Sat @ 12

Feb 11th Planning:

Next meeting Monday 5:30 FP

Discussed Breakouts, Flyer, Outreach

No permit yet for SDCC, should be Monday


Update on Website tomorrow (2/2)

Need feedback from committees for site

Feb 4th

Border Angels rally tomorrow

Philner speaking from 2-4 “electoral process & occupy: (feb 4)

Website improvements tomorrow


Website has several new features


1. Re-affirm stance on non-violence (withdrawn as it is already on books. [facilitator note: proposal eliminating non-violent stance  would be the only way to change status quo, thus no reason to re-affirm])

2. Should we do actions with the Tea Party?

Mike: Party hosted by Pete Beauregard. He donated $ to OSDers stuck in Amarillo, TX. Put them up in hotel in DC. Donated $3K total. Other guests at party included Tea Party and press. No plans for an event, want to see what we have in common. They proposed protesting Duncan Hunter for voting for NDAA. PR has list of 7 points of discussion. Exchanged phone numbers, no formal plans. Later on, Friday 2/3 event publicized.

  • register to vote
  • register others
  • know representatives
  • road construction
  • Pro-construction (?? notes sloppy)
  • Educate yourself
  • vote
Break into discussion groups to discuss what to do on Friday
Group report-backs:
  1. Not enough info, Ray Lutz needs to be called out.
  2. Need to reach out on specific issues, but more groups. Fundamental disagreements with Tea Party.
  3. Any action joining forces should not be used to build electoral coalitions. Individual members should not speak for groups. Will be expected to behave in a certain way if we accept?
  4. Tea Party hated, reactionary, pro-1%, racist, no alliance
  1. would leave
  2. who brought it up? no affiliation, nothing to do with them.
  3. Statement: Occupy will not endorse candidates from parties.
Group report backs:
  1. Complaint against an Occupier for videotaping at another OSDers residence
  2. Re-visit statement of political autonomy
  3. How do we join forces with other groups? Draft a statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland.
Agenda items for 2/2:
  1. Complaint against OSD member
  2. Vote on statement of Solidarity with Occupy Oakland (meeting at 5PM 2/2)
Next Mod: Tito

Day 111: 01/31/2012

Day 110: 01/30/2012

Day 109: 01/29/2012

Committee Announcements:

  • Food – Meals nightly. 3 meals a day goal. OccupySD Wellness on Facebook. (Facilitator’s note: Food Committee is an off-shoot of Wellness.)
  • Media – Meeting Tuesday @ 6. Code of ethics consensed upon.
  • F11 planning – #F11 planning meeting tomorrow @ 5.
  • Ocupemos el Barrio – Get together, formal response for solidarity (re: mask on zapatista statue) – Cesar Chavez Park
  • Bail – talk about building funds for future bail
  • Finance – finance committee info posted daily. 9.9k run to raise money?
To rescind the proposal that made ASD our exclusive fiscal sponsor.
  • From October 29th: Activist San Diego be responsible for donations/money.
  • Commit to using ASD or cut off as a resource.
  • Clarification: Board of ASD has not met, but Pat does have authority from them to do what he does here.
  • Activist SD will be fiduciary as well as donor.
  • No one knows “official” Occupy SD website to look to for info.
  • Other 501(c)3s that may be available are Citizen’s Oversight and Peace Resource Center.
  • Motion to move directly to concensus call:
    • 5 to discuss, 16 to discuss – open discussion stack
Friendly Amendment: people figure out where OFFICIAL money needs to go.
[Ayes: 0]
[Abstentions: 7]
[Nays: 0]
[Blocks: 18]
The only link to donations is the one listed on the website.
Form “watch list” for everything claiming to be affiliated with Occupy San Diego that is not authorized by the General Assembly.
[Moved to Accountability Committee – next meeting Friday @ 5]
Personal Announcements:
  • Any action claiming Occupy is valid says OWS.
  • Oakland review. They did not consense to non-violent policy. Do we stand in solidarity with them?
  • Occupy Fights Back: A Call to Resistance
  • Mayor Sanders – Snapdragon advertises @ Holiday Bowl with advertising value of $100,000. The city of San Diego was compensated $1000. Citizen’s arrest by Ray Lutz tomorrow at 10am.
  • Make sure the response for Ocupemos el Barrio for the Zapatista event is on the agenda for Tuesday.
  • Reminder of Statement of Political Autonomy – OSD does not support political parties.

Day 108: 01/28/2012

Committee Announcements:

  • Wellness: sick call Saturday 10am – 12pm
  • Labor Solidarity:
    • Support March 1st student day of action
    • Support May 1st
    • Alliance with may day united coalition (all 3 passed committee with consensus)
  • Finance: is the website with all the finance information, posted daily before GA. Also has link to donate site.
  • Bail: Colt arrested, 10k bail. Charged with sleeping in the plaza. (Facilitator’s note: He was arrested because he was told he could not be in the plaza for 3 years due to sleeping in the plaza months ago.)
  • Media: Meeting after Saturday’s GA.
  • Education: Occupy glossary – teach in Feb. 5th. Teach-outs for outreach.
  • Discuss proposal to recall proposal making ASD our fiscal sponsor. (Temperature check to open stack. Stack opened.)
Q: Why?
A: ASD is fiscal sponsor (exclusive). Formed finance committee. This was in response to irresponsible donation collection and lack of transparency and accountability. The exclusivity is eroded. Ray’s email blast listed multiple sites (Occupy Greyhound, Lutz’s Citizen’s Oversight Project, bail fund). According to our consensus, all of these are illegitimate. ASD does this as an act of charity (NO FEES). Remove them or remove ASD. Block or not, ASD will leave if this persists. You can earmark donations on the website. Other sites are siphoning money away from OSD.
Q: Block this to keep ASD?
A: Yes.
– Ray Lutz is not regulated by GA
– Occupy Greyhound was an autonomous action.
– Bail fund can be collapsed.
– OGH supposedly consensed by GA. Now donations for the Felony Four.
– Felony four not OSD.
– Clarification: OSD did not endorse OGH, endorsed Occupy Congress.
– Earmarks, please!
– Face the hard of hearing when you speak, please.
– Tear gas being deployed in Oakland. They were taking over a building, turning it into a community center.
– Not constructive. Proposal preventing sites from existing. Refer Ray Lutz to the Accountability Committee.
– Clarification: For proposal = for autonomous funding. Block proposal = keep ASD.
– ASD is a good sponsor. Keep them.
– It’s not right for others to solicit funds for OSD.
– Police can look / see how much money is in our bail fund. May be a bad idea.
Q: What kind of actions go through GA?
A: Press releases, fund raising, interoccupy (Ray Lutz agreed to fund raising).
Q: What about bail fund?
A: Bail owes the general fund $700. General fund no longer to be used for bail, but finance can still manage bail funds. Earmarks. Can restart bail fund with debt forgiveness if consensed by GA.
**Proposal on Agenda for Tomorrow**
Personal Announcements:
  • Pat: 9.9k run, Balboa Park
  • Zenyatta: Anarchist picnic. 11a – 6p, Feb 11th, Children’s Park.
  • Proposal: Occupy Watch List (Will be put on Agenda for discussion tomorrow)
  • Oakland: Smoke bombs, riot police moving in.
  • Canter: Statement of Political Autonomy. No links to politicians, etc on our pages.
  • Gonzo: Food committee meeting tomorrow at 4pm.
  • Rambo: Movement against tuition hikes proposal. Labor solidarity consensed. Outreach.
    • Also, banned from OSD facebook. Need help getting back on. Any ideas? (No facebook admins present)
Moderator tomorrow: Rambo

Day 107: 01/27/2012

Occupy San Diego General Assembly Notes 1/27

(Feminist Friday Edition) Moderated by: Paola
***solidarity clap***

Committee Announcements:

Events: Meeting everyday @ 5:30pm. Will be presenting three proposals tonight.
Wellness: Sick Call tomorrow.
Education: Meeting @ 1pm tomorrow.
Finance: Cashbox holder does not accepts reciptes from individuals. Must go through a committee to be reimbursed. Next Occupy benefit concert on 2/19 @ Soda Bar. OSD balance currently at ~$1400. Updates on OSD website.
Labor Solidarity Committee: Fundraiser to be held on 2/18 for Raul @ Culture Center (?)
Food: Needs donations. See Gonzo. Meeting Sunday @ 4pm–immediately relocating from Freedom Plaza to somewhere else.
Bail: Needs donations! Also, needs witness statements for Fish’s arrest.
Agenda Items:
Proposal # 1: “OSD stands in solidarity with Occupy Olympia and their goals for the 2/18 & 2/19 Occupy solidarity social forum (sp).” CONSENSUS
Proposal # 2: “OSD can raise donations for the Occupy Express event, which will enable Occupiers to attend Occupy Olymipa social forum (sp) events.” CONSENSUS
Proposal # 3: “OSD will participate in 2/29 ‘Shut Down Your Corporations’ Direct Action event.” CONSESUS
Proposal # 4: “OSD stands in solidarity with 3/30 month-long NOWDC event.” CONSENSUS
Personal Announcements:
  • SDSU Professor will hold a teach-in on anarchy @ 1pm tomorrow.
  • “Hidden Battles” (movie) will be played Tuesday @ Peace Center (?)
  • Holly will hold a teach-in on corporate personhood @ 4pm on Monday.
  • Labor Solidarity meeting will have its first meeting to discuss 5/1 action @ 12:30pm tomorrow.

Day 112: 01/26/2012

GA notes  1/26/12


Moderator: Madison

I. Committee Announcements

1. Events
* Chris McCay is talking with people in OccupyLA about an event that would take a train
to Olympia, WA. Feb 18-19
* Donations

2. Feb 11 committee
No change to schedule
Next meeting is Monday at 5:30pm
There will be a brainstorming session tomorrow for ideas for break-out sessions (time?)

3. Accountability
The charter written by Cheryl was read and mainly agreed to
Jason would like to add some feedback to the charter with some feedback by email.

4. Wellness committee
Looking for food donations
come to Gonzo at 4pm on Sunday

5. Facilitation committee
working on a proposal for tomorrow
GA consent for things like making statements for group, or press releases

6. “Rally for Raul” workgroup?
event at noon at State Bldg, 1350 Front St
Someone? will be at Freedom Plaza at 11:30 before going there
Chanters and security needed

7. Media committee
Held by Will nobody else, or very showed

II. Committee proposals

These are in the works though:
Feb 18-19 Olympia train ride trip
Feb 29 Shutdown the Corporations

III. Crowdstorming

group #1
Talked about Rally for Raul.

group #2
She needs physical copies of the events coming up

group #3
Talked about a few things:
outreach by using radio stations
Promotion for Feb 4 and 8
Memorial day event for veterans
“move to defend and amend”?
John Canter will participate but in affinity group, not Events committee

IV. Personal Announcments

Jenny Melillo
Bring a flashlight to shine into videocameras that are filming when you’d rather not
be filmed.

Mike Garcia
Asked people to send in forms to Police Oversight board and handed out forms.
People were getting forms and thinking it was a good idea.

Gonzo – “Bacon is delicious”

Cheryl – Facilitation committee meetings are Monday and Thursday now

Melissa – rehome occupiers. Look for homes to be occupied

Day 111: 01/25/2012

GA Minutes

Events: meeting at 12:30 at Fp tomorrow, basically just a recap of events, and discussion.

Strategic planning committee for San Diego county:  planning for what they’ll call the strategic planning council for San county summit on 2/4. If there are no objections, they’d like to know if GA could be at the centro cultural that day. Trying to get as many of the varied local occupys together, get teheran word out. Practice session for the 2/11 interOc meeting also.

Wellness: sick call saturdays at ten o’clock. Meeting at that time also.Food Donations still needed.

2/11 interOc committee: itinerary read for the event. Consensus was met by the committee in what should happen, still not sure what to do to sen. Feinstein. Next meeting thursday at 6:00pm. to sign up for interOc phone call tomorrow.


ACCE meeting at chicano park on 1/28 at 10:00 am.

Proposals for thursday:
1.National solidarity conference in Olympia was on 2/18 f19,
2.occupy shut down the corporations attack on lobbyist corporations 2/29


Finances: spent $35 on phone for Occupy will be with cash box at all times, will announce number soon.

Resources: didn’t meet, again

Facilitation: meeting this Thursday – 5:30 pm

24/7: coffee and breakfast have been served at 6 am and 7 pm (just coffee) need volunteers as previous volunteer will be working in north county.

Legal: NLg lawyer: there’s a list of people who have been arrested who haven’t been charged. Contact Adrienne or rebecca Rojas

Email or Adrienne
Legal hotline, checked often 619 500 4486.

Leave contact information so lawyers can get in touch with them, especially if you were one of the people left on the bus without use of the facilities.

NLg in San Diego is very small. Please be patient, they are doing what they can.

Brian Pease has been trying to work on the muni code 54.0110, but because all are volunteers there’s only so many who can help, or so many hours.


Twitter passwords went to will Johnson. Media committee will meet saturday after GA

Crowd storming:

May first:
Union support
School walkouts
General as possible strike
Barter system
Chicago adbusters call for mass action

Committee meetup
Every committee meet up at one location at one time to discuss what they’re up to and what they Want to be doing.

G8 summit in Chicago April 7th

Group one: talked about having less gas decided daily was best.
Need someone who is specifically looking for stuff thats going on around GA.

Talked about new vocabulary for Occupy: call people not involved in the movement sleepers, cops sleepwalkers.

Group two: discussed the twitter account, would like a team assigned to account, not just an individual.

There was an accoutability working group created, at people’s earliest convenience they should figure out a time to meet.

Accountability group may diffuse a situation so we don’t waste time denouncing people. There are two charters out there about how accountability should run.  Will there be retroactive discipline for offenders. Is there GA consensus that that is how that should be? Unknown.

Group three:

Committee meetup day. Pick a day, all committees meet up, talk about what they’ve been doing and planning to do.

Personal announcements:

Paula was chosen to moderate Fridays GA in Janessa’s stead.

Shirt making, come do an art party, make tshirts. See art committee

For those of you who didn’t catch it, 7:00 Seville theater at city college documentary about Wobblies. Thursday.

Food committee meeting Sunday at 4:00 pm.  Reconvene at nearby apt numbers allowing,

San Diego county summit committee meeting daily at 4:30 starting Monday, Saturday at 11:30 too.

Help the water man. Talk to tahra. Women of occupy will possibly help also. Time sensitive.
Water Man is a staple in sd, he provides services for homeless in San Diego, cops have brutalized him and fought his efforts, his rent for the homeless storage he’s been providing has gone from $1.00 a year to $100,000 a year. don’t have the infrastructure to help at occupy but get involved with tahra for mor info.

People have videotaped all kinds of things here at occupy San Diego, today a man was convicted with a felony. Propose that we get the videos together and identify the people in the videos for evidence for defense. If we had something like that the man today would not have been found guilty. We NEED to create this, if we dont there’s no faith, and there’s no point in all the cameras.

Ray lutz may be working on something like this, contact Ray Lutz.

Moderator for tomorrow: Madison

Day 108: 01/22/2012

Moderator: PJ
Stack: Canter
Notes: Will Johnson

Committee Announcements:

  1. Finance: No quorum today. Balance $1410.
  2. #F11: No itinerary yet. Direct action all day. Interocc GA. Next meeting at 6pm tomorrow.
  3. Interocc: Olympia is calling for a West Coast meeting.
  4. Media: Twitter password passed to GA. Moderator will hold until GA decides.
  5. Events: Meets everyday at 5:30.
  6. Waterman Committee: Hope to get GA consensus soon to help the Waterman.
    1.  Important local figure that we can help.
  7. Murrietta Action: 4075 University at 7:30 am to go back to Murrietta house action tomorrow.
  8. Labor Solidarity: For union-occupy unity, meets every Saturday at 12:30. Agenda is the May 1st ation.
  9. Wellness: Trying to get more food here. CALL OLD CONTACTS! Tranquil Tuesday 2pm tomorrow.
  10. Media 2.0: New OSD tumblr. Up on
1.  Statement of Political Autonomy
2.  Discussion on accountability, transparency, and past actions.
Agenda Item #1:  Statement of political autonomy (read)
  1. Question/Clarification Stack:
    1. Monty – Was there a discussion on the language of autonomy?
      1. Yes, a heated one and they came up with this.
    2. Zenyatta – What is participatory democracy?
      1. Politicians work within process.
    3. ? – Can you endorse a candidate if they are working within process?
      1. No sort of endorsement. Destroys the horizontal nature. Encourage participation, but no endorsement.
    4. John K. – So what would we tell politicians who want to come?
      1. Come to GA.
        1. So they would have to get in stacks, etc, like us?
          1. Yes. (Applause)
    5. ? – Agree to 95%. Is this meant to discourage activism within the electoral system and those seeking office?
      1. Keeps OSD from supporting any one party/candidate. Individual can endorse.
  2. Concern Stack
    1. John K. – “Established politicians”, “answering questions directly” – Sounds like a Q&A session. Joining stacks or Q&A?
      1. Don’t want just speech-making. Want engagement. Interact.
        1. So they can engage in Q&A?
          1. Didn’t envision a Q&A, though GA can do what it wants. Would be like town hall, but idea to to prevent grandstanding.
        2. So if we bring in… ?
          1. They have to come to us and get GA approval.
      2. POP: Holly – Full stack, this is a back and forth.
    2. Zenyatta – Problem with last statement. Vague wording, would like politicians to take off their politician hat.
      1. Politicians can come and be on even ground. Think of it as education for them, empowerment for us.
    3. Tahra – Doesn’t like it because we’ll be limiting the movement. Also, she thinks we should have them participate.
      1. Occupy should separate itself from the broken system.
      2. POI – Living document/system. Nothing’s set in stone.
  3. Friendly Amendment Stack
    1. Monty – Make it clear that ballot initiatives are something we should support.
      1. Language excludes ballot, so inherent
    2. Hex – Change language from “answer questions” to “ask”
      1. New language: “engage in OSD’s participatory democracy process”.
    3. Tahra – “engage the populace horizontally”
      1. Yes!
  4. Final Version with Amendments:

In recognition of the domination of a global corporate oligarchy and that established political parties have contributed to the economic, environmental, social and political catastrophes currently facing the world, Occupy San Diego (OSD) will refrain from endorsing political parties, candidates and affiliated groups of or by established political parties. Elected officials belonging to political parties have appropriated governance to unelected “revolving-door” bureaucrats currently responsible for shaping both American and global policies, resulting in a system of government exclusively catering to the financial and industrial elites.

Since the polulace is infinitely more mature than the politicians and talking-heads bickering among themselves about how to govern, we declare independence from the unrepresentative political domain of corporate oligarchy. Established politicians wanting to communicate with Occupy San Diego are encouraged to engage in Occupy San Diego’s participatory democracy process, go beyond formal speech making, and engage the populace horizontally.

Occupy San Diego will neither be nor become a platform for self-serving campaigns for politicians seeking office as OSD is an autonomous movement of the people.

Call to consensus to adopt this Statement of Political Autonomy:
Yays: 22
Nays: 2
Abstentions: 3
Blocks: 0

Agenda Item #2: Breakout groups. Part of the discussion on how we hold people accountable to the process. 10 minutes. GA back at 8:37.

Group 1:

  • Accountability group for information collection, rules of evidence, “repeat offender” de-recognition clause for GA.
  • Safety committee should be here to help keep the peace when people come in to disrupt
    • accountability group will do minor squashing.
Group 2:
  • Group where people can vent frustration,
    • Keep information. 2 people will hold all info.
  • GA can do votes of no-confidence regarding people
Group 3:
  • Committee charters
  • Accountability group
  • Create process to suspend individuals’ responsibilities at OSD.
  • How to dissolve committees
  • Monty – make sure GA follows process
  • Ernie – How are we going to work with overlap of duties?
    • safety non-functional now
  • POP: Keep examples out.
  • Hex – need to combine all these ideas.
  • Tahra – concern with working group: should not be judicial branch. Agrees with charter idea. A lot of problems revolve around ignorance of process.
    • Orientation committee should be restated.
  • Moderator interjection – Orientation isn’t about the WG.
  • Doc – WG’s only power should be to collect info.
  • James – WG should become committee when it gets a charter. Regarding Doc’s proposal: need to have safeguards to make sure WG doesn’t have too much power.
  • Holly – GA should and will have final say re: enforcement. We need to talk about this. Can’t be scared.
  • Moderator – Temperature check about starting WG re: Accountability.
Call to consensus to form working group re: accountability:
Yays: 28
Nays: 1
Abstentions: 1
Blocks: 0
Accountability WG Time:  Tuesday, 5-6pm at Plaza
(Moderator had to leave, secondary moderator takes over. Fish is secondary moderator.)
POP: Who holds the Twitter password now that the moderator is changing?
Nominations: Will Johnson, Melissa, Fish
Fish will keep the password until GA votes tomorrow. [no blocks]
Personal Announcements:
  1. Amir – Action Wednesday 1pm regarding Ashley Walters (sp?) SDSU student accused of several things, facing 2 year suspension during graduate studies over protest at board meeting.
  2. Hex – We the People WG meeting at 1pm tomorrow.
  3. Cisco – 4th of Feb OSD County meeting at 12pm.
  4. Holly – SDPD county review board meeting is tomorrow at 6pm
    1. Shuttle happening. Malcolm X Library at 6. Point Loma at 3:30.
    2. Feminist Friday topic: sexism
    3. Monday at 4, teach in on corporate personhood.
  5. Fish – No (illegible) at court today. Hearing’s in 2 weeks. Trial in 7. Needs statements of witnesses, photos, videos, etc.
  6. Gonzo – Dinner needs drinks for tomorrow.
  7. Sharouk – Thank Will Gagan for turning in Twitter info.
  8. Melissa – Proud of everyone. This is Solidarity.
Moderator tomorrow night: Gonzo
*Full Occupied Solidarity Forever Sung*

Day 107: 01/21/2012

Day 106: 01/20/2012

Occupy San Diego General Assembly Notes 1/20
(Feminist Friday Edition) Moderated by: Holly

***solidarity clap***

Committee Announcements:
  • Events: Intro to proposal about SoCal Inter-Occupy Event (to be later addressed). 1/21 is “Occupy Your Corporations” Day!
  • Medical: Meeting tomorrow 10-noon for sick call (which happens EVERY Saturday).
  • Finance: Will be meeting @ ASD from now on. Rides are available. See Jaleesa for details.
  • Facilitation: Encourages Occupiers to come to 1/21 Uncle Sam Funeral Event in LA.
  • Strategic Planning Committee: Meeting to be held on 1/21 @ 11:30am. SoCal Inter-Occupy Committee to collaborate on 2/11 with City College Facilities.
***review of GA hand gestures/signals***

  • Mayday/General Strike: Consensus to create working group. (?) has more info. Working group to meet after GA.
  • Inter-Occupy Event: 2/8 is 2/11 practice day. See events notebook for itinerary. TABLED PROPOSAL UNTIL THE EVENTS & STRATEGIC PLANNING COMMITTEES MEET ON 1/22 TO DISCUSS SAME-DAY EVENTS.
  • Temperature check to NOT discuss communication issues.
Crowd Storming:
  • Temperature check to NOT crows storm.

Personal Announcements:
  • 1/22 March/Rally for Rove v Wade Anniversary. 1-3pm
  • 1/21 Sign-making party for Occupy Your Corporations. Info online.
  • Benefit Concert @ the World Beat Center tonight!
  • Funeral For Democracy tomorrow.
  • Occupy Love March/Parade on Valentine’s Day?
  • 1/14 Day of Actions: LGBT Rights
  • Canvas For A Cause is being sued by Target for discussing LGBT issues outside of store.

Day 105: 01/19/2012

Day 104: 01/18/2012

Moderator: James (Gonzo)

Notes: Zenyatta
Stack: Unknown
Tutors: Unknown
Time: Unknown

Skipped introductions for most part. Quick rundown of handsignals.

  • Committe Announcements
    • Finance
      • Meeting at ASD (Activist San Diego) House
      • Occupy 2.0… missing notes.. $30 in account
    • Events
      • InterOccupy party   (February 8th)
        • Balboa park, snacks, GA
        • action downtown a la Occupy your Corner
        • Regular GA
    • Facilitation
      • Blocks are not the same thing as wanting to leave the movement! They mean that somebody has safety or ethical concerns with a proposal. Not a bartering chip for involvement.
    • Strategy
      • February 4th San Diego County InterOc summit 12-6pm
        • ideas for teach-ins etc. needed
          • foreclosures, pillage/plunder, labor history, panel on GA process, domestic violence, etc.
      • Occupy SoCal in SD on 2/10 – 2/12
        • Saturday the 11th is the Democratic convention in SD
        • City college access
        • Immigrant impounding protest against police
      • Meets Wed @ 5:30 PM, Sat @ 11:30 PM, Sun @ 12:00 PM
    • Resource Committee
      • Cameras needed
        • have to check them out using resources check-out system
        • 1/night, 4 total (3 at ASD house), need ID with contact info, give back at 4:00 daily
    • Empowerment Committee
      • Meeting to be announced
      • Tag shirts with Occupy, get money
  • Agenda
    • Proposal from Facilitation Committee
      • 9/10s consensus amendment
        • Facilitation proposes that after failing to reach consensus on the third day, that it be brought to a vote which is counted as in favor of vs. opposed to a proposal in which abstentions are not counted, but do count towards a quorum. Opposition in a 9/10s vote need not be as dire as blocks, it can be as little as simply not liking it. When calculating percentages, a vote that is less than a whole number will be rounded to the closest whole number, where .5 is rounded up.
          • (Notes shoddy) explained to people
            • passion check, follows NY model, a vote is only after we’ve failed consensus, etc.
            • Consensus reached
      • Faciltation proposes a protocol for endorsements (shoddy notes, not the real proposal)
          • We should be transparent
          • working groups working on OSD events, or who wish to have a planned event endorsed by OSD need to be transparent with their plans including:
            • when/where they meet
            • what they’re planning
            • how others can get involved
            • be transparent
            • frequent GA announcements and updates
          • Transparent funding for events
          • Cannot have non-transparent affinity groups getting endorsed
          • Affinity groups can still do individual actions/events, they just shouldn’t plan events for Occupy if Occupy can’t get involved in planning. Also, shouldn’t put Occupy San Diego on it unless it is from a consensed to committee/working group or it’s been consesnsed to ALREADY in GA
          • Committees should still be able to run as they always have.
        • Questions:
          • Obstructs imaginative creativity?
            • You can still do events with an affinity group, or bring it up before you start advertising it.
          • Can you go over process after ratification?
            • Reread and explained proposal- can have an idea formed with affinity group beforehand
          • What is meant by retroactive approval?
            • Approved before the event is publicized. You can’t tell GA after, but must before, Occupy SD will be involved.
          • What happens if event is approved with Activist San Diego? Make sure some money from that account goes to the event.
        • Concerns:
          • Just because something is planned before, doesn’t guarantee GA endorsement
            • Does not ban unofficial events, just don’t ask for it to be official without transparency, or after it’s publicized.
          • Shouldn’t have to always wait for GA approval for everything. Term “official” shouldn’t matter, things just need to get done.
            • The proposal literally says that this is for events
          • Everyone needs to know, or else it makes us lose our mojo. We need to know the difference between actions and events. Shouldn’t stifle, but shouldn’t guarantee
            • Does not ban retroactive endorsement
          • People don’t understand the difference between individual actions and group actions. We need to make distinctions clear, to avoid arguments and walkoffs
            • (No answer in notes)
          • If event is meant for raising money,, it should go through finance committee. People could make fake donation accounts.
            • (NA)
          • Needs to have a process involving timely press releases
          • Things like Occupy 2.0 should not be worried about transparency?
          • It might help proposal to clarify official and unofficial committees
        • Item tabled to facilitation Committee
  • Announcements not in notes
  • Holly nominated as moderator
  • End

Day 103: 01/17/2012

Day 102:  1/16/12

Moderator: Holly (original mod. ill)
Stack: John/Holly
Tutor: Fungi
Minutes: John
Notes: Zenyatta

  1. Solidarity Song/Hand Gestures/ Step Up Step Back
  2. Committee Announcements
    1. Events- Saturday night @ Long Beach GA an Occupier said the SoCal interoccupy party would be on Feb 12-14th — not consented to in GA. Events committee has created an event for an interoccupy party in San Diego. Proposal coming up during agenda.
    2. Wellness- Tuesday 1/17/12 will be the kickoff for Tranquil Tuesdays @ 2:00pm.
    3. Medical: Waterman (A San Diego local who helps homeless with storage and water provisions) needs financial help.
      1. POI–OSD people should support as individuals, not as Occupy, per Waterman.
      2. Medical Announcer— Okay.
    4. Facilitation: Wednesday and Thursday there will be GA teach-ins with Cheryl and any other facilitators present @ 5:30 PM. Meetings for Facilitation are on Mondays at 5:30. Three Proposals for agenda.
      1. Feminist Friday GA– presented by Holly on Tuesday
      2. Retroactive Endorsement Procedure — presented by Cheryl on Wednesday
      3. 9/10s consensus counting — presented by Cheryl on Wednesday.
    5. Finance: Low on funds. Will be calling for good ideas for fundraising 3x a week at GA. Please bring fundraising ideas to finance committee M-Sat @ 4:00pm at the stone tables. Fundraising concert on Jan. 20th.
  3. Proposals
    1. Events committee proposes to have an interoccupy party on Feb 8, 2012 to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the free speech arrests. Propose a one-day event, apolitical. Action in favor of Free speech. Food, interoccupation GA. Meet in Balboa Park. Regular OSD GA still at 7:00pm. There is a union event happening that day for the anniversary and we can join them.
      1. Clarifying questions:
        1. Does it have to be one day?
          1. One day is safe, we don’t have a place to camp.
        2. Support unions during occupy event?
          1. Yes and party w/other occupations. Solidarity is important.
      2. Concerns
        1. Independence from unions is important. Need to focus for protest.
          1. Not really  a point/focus just a party
        2. Again, need to be independent from unions. Riding their coattails isn’t a good policy. They’ve been here for us, but we shouldn’t make that the focus.
          1. Picked it because Union thing was already planned, we don’t have to do exactly that. Specifically don’t want to protest the DNC.
        3. Agreement with prior concerns. Others are planning 2/8 actions. Definitely need to do an Official Occupy something that day.
          1. There’s a lot of miscommunication w/in OSD. Events would happily work with groups planning other events. Who should we talk to?
            1. Talk to Doc
      3. Friendly Amendments
        1. We could commemorate Rosa Parks’ birthday instead seeing as a bunch of our Occupiers just got kicked off of a bus. Since it’s a Saturday we could roll that in with the 2/8 anniversary and memorialize the 2/8/1912 arrests on the 4th for more attendance.
          1. Interesting, can bring that poss. up
        2. The union event doesn’t begin until 6:00 pm. We should do our own event there beforehand and then people can join the union folks as individuals if they want.
          1. I like that. I can’t speak for the rest of Events committee but I think that’s a great idea.
      4. Tabled to committee. Events meets daily at 5:30pm. See John for more details.
  4. Crowd-Storming
    1. Failed temp check due to time constraints. No Crowd Storm.
  5. Personal Announcements
    1. Roe v. Wade anniversary: 1/22/12 1:00-3:00 pm @ Freedom Plaza
    2. City college bookstore is open, great opportunity for outreach. City College is a great place to get people involved.
    3. Sharpies, paint and art supplies needed for an Occupier who makes tee-shirts. See Sharokh.
    4. Occupy San Diego County summit Feb 4th @ El Centro Cultural de la Raza
    5. From Finance– Individual occupiers may not ask cash box holder for personal food. Requests need to come from a committee. 24/7 committee will work, but there need to be people working together on this.
    6. Physical assault happened during GA yesterday. Something must be done about this kind of behavior.
    7. Sounds of Occupation Jan 20th World Beat Center 7:30PM-1:00AM
    8. We the People Campaign is kicking off. More info about how to get involved to be announced.
    9. Fish’s court date is 2/3/12. If you have footage or witness testimony of the raid on the grassy area please find out how you can help. Leslie and Lynn Ann are good contacts for that. Show support for Fish! He’s facing serious charges.
    10. Friday is Feminist Friday, will be talking about reproductive rights 5:00- 7:00 PM. Topic in anticipation of Roe v. Wade aniversary this Sunday.
    11. Need clothes? Blankets? Showers? See Cisco! Preference given to active Occupiers, will help others if there is excess.
  6. Fin
  7. Moderator for 1/17/12 will be Hex

Day 101: 01/15/2012

Moderator: John C. (Magic was not in attendance)
Notes: Melissa
Stack: John C.
Committee Announcements:
  1. Wellness: “The Firehouse” has become a temporary site for storage of non-perishable food donations. If food needs to be cooked day of, set it up the day before. See Gonzo to set up donations.
  2. Events: SoCal Occupy meetup in SD is next month. Events meets daily at 5:30 to plan.
  3. Report back from Long Beach SoCal Meetup:
    1. John Kenney announced at OLB that OSD agreed to host the next meeting. There are a lot of logistical concerns, plus that was never consensed by the GA. He was called out on that fact in Long Beach. Request from crowd that this come to GA as overpromised (he said there would be camping) without our knowledge.
    2. General Strike May 1st. Event page and twitter, as well as email already reserved, pending GA approval of the action to use. is the reserved email. William is holding them pending GA decision.
  4. Direct Action:
    1. #J20 – Occupy the Courts all day, starts at 8am. Marching from here, theatrics, speakers, theatrics, protesting. 7:30pm fundraiser at WorldBeat.
    2. #J21 – Vets are going to LA to march in Uncle Sam’s funeral procession. Meeting in Westwood. Organizers cannot plan the caravan. Chris said he’d pick that up.
  5. Felony 4: Occupy the Arraignment – wait to see if they get charged.
  6. New Media WG: 1st meeting yesterday, discussed basic structure: Documentation, PR, and mixed. They will meet again tomorrow (Monday) 2-4pm.
Clarification: Which internet property have we regained control over and which are still under the control of individuals?
  • page was being redirected to sdoccupypress (Gagan’s own site). It’s owned by Timothy something out of OB. We need to establish contact to redirect or gain admin access.
  • FB group was passed to 6 individuals
  • Official UStream is Gagan’s, official livestream is ours.
  • Twitter: Gagan, but he’s planning to pass that in GA when he gets back, then exiting OSD.
7.  Water Man: Gives water, juice, protein bars to the homeless, and much more.
    1. He has a bldg with ~300 people who would otherwise be homeless living in it. He won the lease at $1 a year in a legal battle with the city over homeless rights. His lease is up 02/03. City council refuses to help.
    2. Tomorrow at 4pm (meet at 3pm) he’s invited us to come and see what he’s doing. Wellness is going to evaluate the situation with anyone else who wants to go.
    3. Water Man is legend in this city for his continued fight for homeless rights. This is not just some guy. The cops have beaten him in the past, and he keeps fighting.
8. Finance: Why didn’t finance meet Saturday? Someone verbally attacked Pat from ASD, according to Sharouk. Hopefully finance will meet again tomorrow.
Discussion Topics for Crowdstorming:
  1. Long Beach and John K’s announcement.
  2. The Water Man
  3. How do we enforce our alcohol/spice/good neighbor policy?
(Crowdstorming was interrupted by a personal disturbance, and GA broke down. When it was gathered back together, a motion to adjourn passed.)

Day 100: 01/14/2012

Moderator: Melissa (Cisco lost his voice and asked to be removed)
Stack: James
Notes: Aimee
Agenda Item: Will OSD march with Occupy the Hood/Barrio or Veterans for Peace tomorrow 01/15/2012?
Committee Updates:
  1. We the People meeting scheduled for Sunday 01/15 at 6pm working on draft of official statement tomorrow night.
  2. Education: Library back tomorrow, teach in on grievances tomorrow at 11am.
  3. Third world solidarity meets tomorrow at 5pm.
  4. Women’s Occupy: Occupella chorus performed today at Freedom Plaza from 1-2pm.
If we have to choose, who do we march with tomorrow – Ocupemos el Barrio / Occupy the Hood or Veterans for Peace?
  1. More appropriate to march with Barrio than veterans.
  2. Why decide? People can determine for themselves.
  3. OSD make statement that we are marching with both organizations.
  4. Both organizations are a part of OSD.
Breakout groups on the idea that in the event organizers split the groups – Occupy SD will unite them.
  1. Group pins the groups without asking organizers.
  2. Develop plan A / plan B
  3. (Sorry, notetaker was posting on Facebook)
  1. March in one group.
  2. March in one group or split evenly to march with both groups.
Temperature Check: March in one group more favored by the group.
MOTION: Determine marching specifics tomorrow when more information is available and parade dynamics are known. (SECONDED)
Stack opened: No concerns.
PROPOSAL: Occupy SD states that it stands in solidarity with all groups marching for social justice. The logistics will be determined tomorrow onsite.
Personal Announcements:
  1. #J20 action at federal courthouse / corporate personhood amendment starts at 8am (This action has a permit.)
  2. Statement of Political Autonomy WG next meeting Monday, January 17 at 6pm.

Moderator for next GA (Sunday, 01/15): Magic

Day 99: 01/13/2012

Occupy San Diego General Assembly Notes 1/13

Committee Announcements:
  • Wellness: “Waterman” is out of funding for homeless shelter. Info will be posted on FB. Will talk with him 1/16 @ 4pm–NO SICK CALL on 1/14. Tranquil Tuesday @ 2pm.
  • Events: Has 15-passenger van. Lottery tonight. Trip-takers meet @ Civic Center @ 4pm–VERY STRICT SCHEDULE. Pack lightly.
  • Clean-Up: Pick-up trash! (including cigarettes)
  • GA Process: New simple majority system on 1/16 agenda.
  • Support Occupy Congress: Plan for events 1/14. 17th is official starting day.
  • Education: Meeting 1/14. 10am. Teach-In @ same time.
  • Resources: Box to be housed for 24-hour check-out system. Meets Mondays & Fridays @ 6pm.
  • Finance: Notifying GA of $951.09 balance. Received $129.87 approved donation check 1/13. Van will cost >$160.
  • SoCal Summit (WG): Feb 14th 12pm-6pm @ Cultural Center in Balboa. Meeting @ 1/14 @ 11:30pm.
Crowd Sourcing:
  • Group 1 – OSD page is down; discussed trip to D.C.
  • Group 2 – 17th is the day for Occupy City College and Occupy Congress to kick off events. We need to find out where Barbara Boxer is speaking.
  • Group 3 – Discussed SoCal Summit
  • Group 4 – Discussed fundraising prospects (benefit concert, farmer’s markets…), motivations for Long Beach trip, emergency proposal: Request for admin privileges for OSD FB, Twitter, and site accounts be given to facilitations. CONSENSUS
Personal Announcements:
  • Family Health Centers and COX Cable sends their support to OSD!
  • Eva created Google Share Doc for shifts to Occupy Police. Needs volunteers.
  • Fish draws list for Long Beach Trip: Angel, Jolly, Mike Ford, James Lawrence, and Mark Storment. ALL WOMEN ON LIST ARE GOING.
  • Looking for Jason the Art Guy about donated shirts.

Day 98: 01/12/2012

Occupy San Diego General Assembly Notes – 1/12

Step-up/Step-back Review
Why Do We Consense (sp)? 
Committee Announcements:
  • Medical/Wellness – No sick call 1/14, Tranquil Tuesday starts this Tuesday @ 2pm, Discussing proposal to ban fast food donations @ 3:30pm mtg. next Wed.
  • Event Planning – Lottery list ends tonight! Credit card needed ASAP for van. Lottery drawn @ 1/13 GA. Temp. check on whether we should read the entire Letter From Birmingham Jail @ candle-light vigil at Sunday’s MLK Parade/Celebration: YES. Discussion on whether we should march with Veterans For Peace or Occupy Your Hood in Long Beach Parade–to be put on agenda.
  • Bail – Bail Fund is empty; we need donations! Working out bail guidelines. Is available to talk whenever.
  • Empowerment – Reflection mtg. 1pm on Sunday (if that doesn’t work for some, let comm. know)
  • Facilities – Says, “Do not send in proposals at the last minute.” Encourages Occupiers to send in business-like proposals. Proposal guidelines online. There is no deadline, if proposal is rejected; work on it until it is done! Email them. Mtg. Mon @ 5:30pm.
  • Education – Mtg. @ 10am on 1/14.
  • Parade Options: “Vets For Peace” or “Occupy Your Hood”? OCCUPY YOUR HOOD
  • Stand-In Solidarity with Occupy Congress? YES
  • Moderators will speak from the bottom or on equal level of GA? CONSENSUS 
  • Facilitation recovers laptop & maintains it for online updates? YES
  • How do we like the new voting process? WE LIKE IT
Personal Announcements:
  • Jessica is having an Occubaby!
  • Every Tuesday night, Occupy Bike-Riders need more people to join the ride. Planning done on weekends.
  • Mike gives motivational speech!
  • Ben would like for us to reflect on why we are apart of the movement.
  • A Thank-you to bail out donations.
  • Occupy Education on 19th @ Berkley.
  • Occupy Congress on the 17th.
  • Final night for Long Beach lotto.
  • Uploading GA video to YouTube. Possible discussion about it in the near future.

Day 97: 01/11/2012

Ga 1/11/12

Committee anouncements,

Events longbeach list closes tomorrow @ GA

Veterans&occupy the hood

There is a confusement about the voting about the 9/10th somebody didn’t know process. As moderator f faciltar we don’t ask temp we ask do u agree have concerns or do you block then open floor and address. Address agree and block to reach 90 percent consencious. Poc according to ny modle it’s a call to concencus the block is the only thing.

Safety: erine, weve been watching cops, theyre bring cameras to look at us. Some of our colleges had the guts to mike check the state of the city. We need to teach mr sander what wrong he did by arresting our friends

Education: meeting at 10 oclock cstreet side of cc

Wellness, weve networked with the homeless connection people they will be helping us


Crowd storming for agenda, chris mckay absent for his proposal.

Group 2 propose we only count abstentions and blocks. I don’t care nough to vote but I don’t want to block. Moderator gets dart gun with tranks, once you speak 4 times u get a dart.

Group 1discussed different events, working out things

Meeting up with wellness different ways of ignoring the police and isobaying w out conflict

Group 2 disscussing about figuring a way to fully define call to concensus, contravercy about abstentions needs to be difined in ga

Group3 talked about at city council instead of having people speak show video clips broadcasted live on public television, encroachment, illegal lodging and jay walking. Makes bigger impact

Also this group discussed occupy sd standing in solidarity with occupy congress, sence they stand in solidarity with us. It has nothing to do with how it was handled.

Group4 rules committee, background Martha… this is public space cops can site for obstructing and encroaching on public space was used for large things but its been abused, snatch and grab and arrests, martha’s um proposition said that it would be omissions to that for the purposes of…. Needs glasses….Exceptions for display of the flag, voter registration, including nessicary equipment to support public use of publice space, what it would do is restrict pd from interpreting encroachment. So what we need to do to change the ordinance to make that happen would be a vote by the ity council an inititive is not neccisary, but that’s not wha the rules are… so what I cn see that we can do is we can identify 5 members of the city council that we can go and pressure to support this. This would be going out ointo differet districts this would take time, weeks months, but we would have to go out into diferent districts of sd and get other oeople to support osd by lighting a fire under the feet of the members of city council, how does everyone feel about going and doing this project.

Proposal: That Occupy San Diego stands in solidarity with Occupy Congress.

Open stack:

Support, need to know going forward what an abstention means

Concerns before were process related. Now concern s that dissent is equated with non-support

Talked about for a month, can’t accept excuse that there was a time constraint. If proposal was clear, maybe different. As long as it’s clear that no one with our representatives as from us, maybe okay.

POC: This proposal is for Occupy Congress, not OGH.

Off topic Moderator allows it. Emotional dump on feeling of OGH controversy.

(timekeeper starts, moderator says not to be strict)

Should be able to support our people who are going to occupy congress. We should be arming them with educational materials and signs.

Blocking is rough. Whatever the moral objection, I like the idea of supporting anyone trying to find a solution, even if you may not love it. No one’s holding your hand or inviting you, whatever it is that lights a fire for you, let’s try to stand behind people who are working together. Even if we don’t agree personally, hey, at least you’re trying.

All negativity aside (no really). There’s going to be a large group of people occupying congress. There’s no reason not to stand in solidarity with them. They’ve already stood in solidarity with us.

As a muslim Iranian, occupy congress, hell yeah.

The idea of seeing hundreds of tents in front of the white house and congress excites me. Totally down with occupy congress.

We need to humble ourselves. We could nitpick and find fault in everything.

Never forget about individuals while we’re thinking of the whole. Show your appreciation.

Several meetings scheduled with many congressional aides, and plans to lobby on our behalf (not OGH). People with very particular agenda that is not in the spirit of keeping with occupy san diego.

Poc: does occupy congress have a set agenda?
yes. Give individuals guidelines on how to contact their own representatives, but

Proposal to be on the agenda for consensus call tomorrow*****

Working Group to be formed on Encroachment Amendment

Wants to talk to Martha, took info from interested parties, will get back to us

Personal announcements:

Apologizing for losing cool earlier. Culmination of frustrations.

Round black and silver cd player missing

The why do you occupy book will be retired after DC. If you haven’t written in it yet, find brit will to write in it before he leaves.

Working group for statement of political autonomy meeting 1230 Saturday.

Mayor candidate human rights wants to get Hispanic members of community involved. Change with or without election. We don’t need it from top, we can take it from the bottom.

Lottery list for trip to long beach still open. Speak with leslie. Closes tomorrow before ga, then lottery on Friday at ga.

**shows we’ve solved the problems from the dc lottery**

While you were having a great ga, I infiltrated the us grant and the mayors reception. Didn’t see him, but spoke with like 10 couples about how strong of character our members arrested tonight were. Protested from inside. Snuck out before being caught. Would have been more fun with more friends.

Make money by making flowers out of recycling cans, can he sell them here.

Moderator tomorrow night: Cisco (he accepts with the caveat that he be given the class first)


Day 96: 01/10/2012

Committee Announcements:
  • Events Planning Committee – meet everyday @ 5:30pm (MLK Parade)
  • Wellness Committee – meeting 1/11 @ 3:30pm & 1/14 @ 10am-noon
  • Clean-up Committee – says “pick up your shit!”
  • P.O.S. Working Group – meeting 1/14 @ !2:30pm
  • Help The Homeless Committee – recruiting college students. Spread the word.
  • Art Committee – needs art supplies; donations
  • Strategic Planning Committee – 1st meeting 1/11 @ 4:30pm by Starbucks (?)
  • Free Energy Committee can bring five Occupiers to see new free energy device on 1/17 — See Dave
Personal Announcements:
  • Mayor Sanders last address to city about Occupy SD 1/11 @ 5pm (March)
  • Retiring “Why We Occupy” book after D.C. trip
  • 1st statement for “We The People” to be written by “X” — see him for details.
  • “Homes Already Occupied” & foreclosed homes may need helpers in the near future.
  • Stand In Solidarity Rally on 1/13 — look online for details.
  • People for Social Sustainability meeting 1/19 @ Balboa Park — Occupiers welcomed/encouraged!
  • Free Speech Ballot Proposal — 1/11 @ 202 C St. (12th Floor) 8:30am-noon
  • Fish’s (?) court hearing on 1/11 — He needs evidence of his innocence!!!
  • Phillip would appreciate any information about camping arrangements
  • Long Beach lottery name list open from 1/10-1/12. List of FB, as well. Announcement on 1/13 during GA. Leaving at 4am on 1/14. 4 men  5 women will be chosen from the lottery. Non-selected Occupiers are encouraged to drive themselves and others on their own.
  • Ecology, Resources, & Sustainability Teach-In on 1/15 @ 4pm
  • Roseburg, OR Occupiers could use reinforcements.

Day 95 01/09/2012

Committee Announcements

I. Wellness Committee
Occupy SD Field Medics are standing by to assist you! They are on sick call Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during GA. Also on Saturdays from 10-12.
Wellness meetings are held on Tuesday at 2pm at Freedom Plaza.

II. Marches
1. The Martin Luther King Day Parade will be on Sunday January 15th 2pm meeting at the Petco Park parking lot. There will be a candlelight vigil held afterwards.

2. Currently in the planning process: Occupy Long Beach Event on January 14th Saturday Morning. Someone with a credit card is needed to help rent a van for travel. On January 11th the March Committee will collect names of people who want to go. The people will be selected by lot because of limited space on the van. The deadline to get on this list is by January 13th.

III. Bail
Donations for bail are appreciated.

IV. Facilitation
1. The facilitation website is now up. This website features an events calendar run by people who attend GA!! The website will follow occupy SD in the field at freedom plaza. In addition, all of these notes will go on that website. So for those of you who were wondering if somebody is keeping track of these notes. Now we will! Please check the calendar of events.

2. Lost OccupySD laptop recovered!

V. Finance
Parking is not paid for by the finance committee.

VI. Resources
Resource Committee will be meeting at 6pm Friday at freedom Plaza.


1. Should OccupySD endorse the Occupy Greyhound trip to D.C.?

Issue was tabled 3 days. It went to 90% vote. Results: Undetermined

Yes: 23
Abstain: 11
No: 3

General Assembly consented to the 90% vote but did not yet address how abstentions are treated. No official decision has been made.

2. Should people who use spice be banned?


3. Discussion: Discrimination at Occupy SD


Day 94 01/08/2012

San Diego General Assembly 1-8-2012

Moderator: Johnny
Stack: Rea
Tutors: Michael and Cheryl
Timekeeper: Michael

  1. Solidarity Song/Clap
  2. Intro to GA read
  3. Committee Announcements
    1. Art: Need a space to store art supplies, current art committee members do not have a place to store supplies and cannot get money from finances for sign-making materials etc. until such a place is found. Please see Rea if you can help.
    2. Media: Will will (haha) be helping with Tweeting pertinent info from Freedom Plaza. See Will if you need to get some word out.
    3. Resources: Meeting on Monday in Circle at 6PM to make some decisions about storage.
    4. Facilitation: Meeting Monday at 5:30, train-ins begin again Tuesday-Friday @ 5:30.
    5. 3rd World Solidarity: Meeting on Sunday at 5pm.
    6. Vets: Needs someone to put a van on their Credit card in order to rent a van for the MLK march in Long Beach on 1/14.
    7. Nightwatch: We need more raging! If you can stay up, please come help us keep the plaza occupied 24/7.
    8. Silly Un-Committee: We want to be taken more seriously.
  4. Crowd-Storming
    1. Group One: We should have an open mic night. Also, we need to plan for the MLK event.
      1. Talk to Pat from ASD about getting the mic, after that we just need somebody to organize the talent.
      2. Events committee is working on the MLK event.
      3. Need someone to organize the candles for a candlelight vigil.
      4. We can march with the Vets for Peace in MLK march here. Or, if Occupems El Barrio has success getting a spot we can march with them.
    2. Group Two: What should be done on May 1st? Tahra &Tito have a project.
      1. Announcement: Put red 99% Stickers on your money! It will show the 1% the purchasing power of the 99%.  See Tahra or Tito for more info.
      2. Working group needs to be formed regarding May 1st actions ASAP.
        1. Working group formed. See Will Johnson for more info.
    3. Group Three: Discuss empowerment and encourage participation and mindfulness of potential harboring of negative habits. Also, thinks the GA crowdstorming should be guided by topic.
      1. Decide to make discussion of empowerment an agenda topic for tomorrow’s GA.
      2. Satisifies both desires.
  5. Chose Moderator
    1. Will Johnson will be moderator 11/9
  6. Fin.

Day 93 01/07/2012


Date: January 7, 2012 (Saturday)

Facilitation: PJ

Minute taker: Holly

Tutor: Michael

Stacks: Ria


  1. Events Operational Group
    1. Anniversary march at 4:30pm today.
    2. Meeting at 5:30pm each day at stone table.
    3. Creating events website/calendar.
    4. Need subcommittee for So-Cal logistical and planning occu-party, Jan 14th. Need vehicle, driver, live-stream, etc.
  2. Bail Operational Group
    1. K2 and spice are illegal, won’t bail you out if you used them
    2. Always need donations
    3. Put your info in jail book in case of arrest.
  3. Facilitation Operational Group
    1. All notes are up at the
    2. Have online Library about consensus, hand signals, etc.
    3. Past and present proposals are online.
    4. Try to take individual proposal to crowd-storming, working group or create a working group.
    5. Facilitation also is doing teach-in on Facilitation Training 101 at 5:30pm Monday to Friday.
  4. Art Operational Group
    1. Tomorrow will be chalking in downtown.
    2. Please help us finished up cutting the heart for the Federal Wishing Tree.
    3. Need donations such as:
      1. Spray paint, sharpies, chalk, exacto knife.
  5. Sanitation Operational Group
    1. Pick up your trash
  6. Empowerment Working Group
    1. Teach-in tomorrow 11-1pm on 4th grievances, food system.
  1. OSD Labor Solidarity
    1. Meeting every Sat. at 12:30pm
    2. Monday, rally in LA for Nurses Union at 7:30am at 3160 Camino del Rios
    3. Rally Starts at 11:00am, come back at 3:00pm there will be food and water, here will be a bus going.
    4. To support single-payer healthcare.
    5. 28th planning for May 1, a day w/o the 99%
    6. Protest for Raul Canunza at State Building on Jan 27th at 12pm.
    7. Petition online healthcare cuts.
  2. Food Operational Group
    1. Trying to reform
    2. Looking for kitchen nearby.
    3. Use Lutheran Church kitchen only once 1 day.
  3. Wellness Operational Group
    1. Stop bringing in sweets- we need nutritional food.
    2. Accepting food to bring to cooking location.
    3. Need more drinks than just coffee.
    4. Every Sat. 10-12pm is sick call. (Not for emergencies)
    5. Meets every Wed. at 4:30pm
    6. Interested in Cooking? Join us!
    7. Sick call before GA, Mon, Wens, Friday.
    8. Project Homeless Connect this Wes. Haircuts, etc.
    9. 9-4pm at Golden Hall in SD concourse.
  4. Demands Operational Group
    1. Ballot proposal on rules committee at City Council at 9am – nee support!
    2. Revises encroachments section to allow peaceful protest.
    3. Show up blow 8:30am and 8:45am to fill art speaker sheet.
  5. 3rdWorld Solidarity Operational Group
    1. Meeting tomorrow at 5pm.
    2. Come up with teach-ins on 3rworld issues.


ITEM 1. The statement of political autonomy.

ITEM 2. Start strategic committee.

  1. ITEM 1: Statement of political Autonomy
    1. This does not censor people from supporting people, but is the official stance of OSD.
    2. This will be posted online website, Face-book, twitter.
    3. Parties are necessary evil result of representative democracy, so this statement is a private down of parties and in support of direct democracy.

i.     POC: How do we deal with people who do try to use our name officially? Release a press release on our neutrality.

  1. 2pm tomorrow to wok an statement before GA
  2. GA consensus we will not be a back drop for candidates.
  3. Base off LA’s statement.
  4. Our strength is in our diversity.
  5. We are building alternative for people beyond traditional process that we are all protesting.
  6. NOTED: it was sent back to the working group, 2pm January 8,2012.
  7. ITEM 2: Start Strategic Committee.
    1. Occupy 2012 with strategy, tactics, planning.
    2. Want to create strategic SD country planning committee.
    3. First date will be Feb. 4th
    4. Do outreach.
    5. GA isn’t good for long-term strategic thinking.
      1. Other groups have hand time participating.
      2. Want to create summits for goals, workshops, etc.
      3. Consistent occupiers need to meet about how to collaborate with these other groups.
      4. Don’t have rules and guidelines on how they will operate.
      5. Want to make sure works with GA.
  8. 66% approval needed and then will bring to GA.
  9. One 1 month meetings about what we can do specifically in SD.
  10. Will come to GA to get approved and announce meetings.
  11. Have approval of groups in GA?
  12. Generally good idea to focus on organization and planning.
  13. Transparency and communicating are critical to maintain legitimacy.
  14. This are affinity group event.

NOTED: CONSESUS! Moderator tomorrow:  Johnny N.

Day 92 01/06/2012

Date: January 06, 2012

OSD General Assembly

Facilitator: Hex (Co-Facilitator Michael B.)

Time Keeper: (Unknown)

Minute taker: Mary

GA-Tutor: (N/A)

Stack keeper: Steve

  1. Introduction:
    1. Operational and Mic Check the The Declaration of Occupation of San Diego.
    2. Solidarity Song
    3. Solidarity Clap
    4. Hand Signals
    5. Working Group Announcement:
      1. Food Operational Group: Toasts is working on getting a kitchen set up around downtown to get the food running again. There was also announcement that another potential kitchen on the works at Lutheran Church (2 blocks).
      2. Events Operational Group: Don’t forget 2morow Jan 07, 2012 we march.  The march is OSD 3rd anniversary.  We also need working groups on certain events happening between next week and the month of February.
      3. Bail Operational Group: Make a donation for bail.  Also today Mike Garcia was arrested, and charges were unknown.  Spice and K2 is illegal.
      4. Empower Operational Group: is having a reflection/reconciliation meeting after Sunday teach-in: Time will be AT 1:PM ON SUNDAY AFTER THE 11AM TEACH –IN.
      5. Facilitation Operational Group: Website is up , and please if you have any individual proposal take it to crow-storming or create a working group outside GA.  Then your able to formulate a proposal please let facilitation know, so we can update the facilitation website.
      6. Education Operational Group: Teach-in starting this Sunday.
      7. Art Operational Group: tomorrow making posters, materials.
      8. Clean-up Working Group: needs cleaning supplies, don’t intentionally litter and try not to accidently.
      9. Working Group Proposals
        1. Discussion: How to we improve the storage unit?

i.     Problem: Not storage available

ii.     Alternatives: If something is stored, should have policy, limit or working group created to maintain it.

  1. Look at prices maybe.
  2. Someone cold is always watching storage.
  3. Keys shouldn’t be handed or pass around.
  4. Logbook for storage.
  5. Use vertical heights. “Level” * limits * 1 person.
  6. Numbers, letters on shelves or bins or closed bins.
  7. Negatives: putting illegal substances.  Dead things. No food in storage.
  8. Hourly times – people switching hours (3 peoples.)
  9. Time, login and out, write down what you’re putting in.

10. Food could have their own storage (refrigerator)

11. Make a fundraisers

12. Person with house could possibly keep stuff.

13. Working Group: has been created Tonight after GA, officially will be meeting after 5:30pm storage.

  1. Crowd-storming
    1. Can’t consensus (the corium is 20 people)

i.     Johnny: Working Group Road to Congress (not OSD committee):

ii.     Concerns:

  1. Because the way it was manage.
  2. Dysfunctional for the getto.
  3. Occupy Congress was hard block easily.
  4. Person who block before: did not understand the principle of trip, and concerns of the individual actions taken in Congress.
  5. Lynn: case was mishandle regarding donation money (the working group is to check on this case.)
  6. Criticism regarding selection process.
  7. Individual Announcement:
    1. Donate on bail, and get your name of
    2. Future Proposal Submitted:

Day 91 01/05/2012

General Assembly   1-5-11

Moderator: Aimee
Notes: Cheryl
Tutors: PJ & Michael
Time: Brett
Stack: Christie

  1. Declaration of Occupation Read
  2. Solidarity Song/Clap
  3. Step Up/Step Back Read
  4. Committee Updates
    1. Finance:
      1. Now meeting at stone tables in FP as DTJBs is no longer a viable option.
      2. Food Budget:
      3. People may purchase food with their own money and bring receipt to finance committee or cash box holder for reimbursement
      4. People may ask the cash box holder to accompany them to the store to purchase food if they don’t have cash to use in order to be reimbursed.
    2. Facilitation:
      1. There’s a new website where facilitation will post proposals, GA minutes, committee times/locations etc.
      2. Facilitation will continue to offer teach-ins at the plaza Tue-Fri @ 5:30, we’ll begin with basics for a few weeks, then move into more in-depth moderator training.
      3. Committee meets at 5:30
    3. Occupiers:
      1. It’s quite difficult for Occupiers who are here constantly to get food and sleep. They also need places to store stuff.
    4. Events:
      1. 3 month anniversary month anniversary march: Meet at Children’s Park @ 4pm. March will follow original 10/7 route. March begins @ 4:30.
      2. Looking for teach-ins about NDAA
      3. Occupy Congress 1/17
      4. Hall of Justice Mic Check 1/18
      5. Occupy Federal Building (NDAA action) 1/20 until 5 pm
      6. “Banks got bailed out” march 1/20 @ 6PM
    5. Bail Committee
      1. Spice and K2 are illegal, if you are arrested for using either substance bail committee has consensed not to bail you out. So, don’t do it.
    6. Wellness
      1. Working on getting nutritional food down to CC
        1. Will attempt to be vegan/ allergy friendly
        2. Lots of broths and soups
      2. Meet Wednesdays @ 4:30
      3. Sick-Call Saturdays from 10:00AM-12:00PM
  5. Committee Proposals
    1. Proposal for OSD endorsement of Direct Actions during Jerry Sanders’ State of the City Address January 11, 2012 at Balboa Theater at 6PM
      1. No Concerns
      2. Consensus
  6. Crowd-Storming
    1. Direct Action suggestions discussion
      1. Propose that we do teach-outs on campuses, show students how many hours at minimum wage it would take to pay for a semester of college vs. how many hours it would have taken 10 years ago.
      2. Sit-ins- find an appropriate place, take over a room and stay there.
    2. Outreach to Minority Groups
      1. Occupemos el Barrio meets on Mondays @ Sherman Heights Community Center @ 6PM. It’s on Island Ave
      2. Occupy the Barrio is meeting @ Sherman Heights Community Center on Saturday 1/7 to do neighborhood walk outreach.
    3. What is to be done about theft at Occupy?
      1. Take the homeless people out of managing the cash. I’m homeless myself and I think it’s a bad idea to let people who don’t have much manage valuables.
      2. Donated Items go missing which may or may not be stolen per se. Once those things have been stolen we should not get those responsibilities any more. Shouldn’t come to GA first if there’s a problem though.
        1. POI- Anyone who has stolen isn’t given resources from finance committee anymore.
      3. The issue is: What do we do about what’s happened already? What do we do in the future? How much $$ is missing from (Name removed by note-taker)’s Paypal account? Those are facts, we can call out these facts if needed.
      4. Three people have been called out for stealing money, only one of them has been homeless. It’s not about that. If you’ve been caught stealing, you don’t get that stuff again unless it’s voted on or something.
      5. GA is not a place to accuse people of anything.
      6. Theft is a serious issue, taking responsibility away isn’t enough. Problem with this community is that there is no accountability. Ostracizing thieves is necessary. The person who stole $2,000, I don’t want that person in my community anymore
        1. POC- How do we do that?
        2. If they come back they’re not to participate.
        3. POC-What do we do if they want to come back
        4. They need to apologize and/or return the item.
      7. Leave a deposit for items received. Item of comparable value, ID or something like that. Make a deadline for returning the item. Check items out, if they don’t come back in the appropriate amount of time, call the police about a theft.
      8. Make inventory list with check-ins (mandatory). Take benefits of OSD away from offenders (no bus to pasadena, no money to go to DC, etc.) people who steal hurt the movement. Keep track of items
      9. Problems arise when we don’t know who has what items, fix that by not putting things in collective, but individual trust.
      10. 3 things:
        1. Come up with process for dealing with thieves if we respect the process more we know who has what and when etc.
        2. Make it so there’s a process for dealig with thieves.
        3. Theft of an item is a theft of trust, make sure that everything we do is brought up at GA.
      11. Must have names of people who are stealing things. Need to know which people are stealing and what they’re stealing.
        1. Propose that Occupy San Diego create a plan for checking out goods/items.
          1. Proposal turned into working group
  7. Personal Announcements
    1. Sunday 6 PM Third World Solidarity Group meets
    2. Meeting for Mayor Sanders’ DA and the “We the People” campaign will be on Saturday 1/7 @ Noon.
    3. “Observations of the Occupy DNA” Read
      1. (summary/estimate of document read, not word 4 word) Last summer Adbusters called for a movement that became OWS. OWS was inspired by people’s movements like the Indignados and Tahrir Square. First instance of Occupy DNA grew from there. OSD went viral, got into people’s minds. Occupy is an unpredictable force the opposing forces don’t understand how to stop. Free, equal, peer-led and leaderless.

Day 90 01/04/2012

January 4, 2011            OSD GENERAL ASSEMBLY MINUTES

Moderator: James,  Notetaker: Chase,  Time Keeper: Brett,  Tutors: Michael & Cheryl, Stack Keeper: John

Solidarity Song

Declaration of Occupation Read

Committee Announcements:

  1. Events- Saturday January 7th there will be a march in honor of OSD’s 3 month anniversary. Meet in Children’s Park @ 4:00, March at 4:30 following OSD’s original march route from October 7th. Peacekeepers will be there to keep the march safe.
  2. (unknown)-No spice or K2 at Freedom plaza anymore, it is illegal. If you see people using it, ask them to leave.
  3. Wellness- Every Saturday from 10-2? (Time illegible in notes) there will be a “sick-call” for those need medical attention. They can deal with minor medical issues, esp. minor skin infections from scrapes etc., otherwise will help get further treatment for those who need it.
  4. Facilitation- Will be holding training/ teach-ins for GA process/ moderation for any who would like to understand the GA better. Teach-ins will be held daily for a few weeks @ 5:30 on the steps of Freedom Plaza. Also, would like to change the Point of Clarification to only mean questions, Point of Information to mean (clarifying) information or further facts.
  1. “We the People Project”– A culture jamming project wherein those who think that the electoral candidates on the ballot are illegitimate or not worth voting for write in “We the People” as a form of mass protest.
    1. Temp Check– 2 concerns
      1. Are you asking people to vote a certain way?
        1. no, vote however you want, if you don’t want to vote either way, write in “We the People”
      2. Needs Clarification
        1. (not in notes)
    2. Consensus Check– Consensus!
Crowd-Storming (5 Groups)
  1. Outreach: Need more outreach
    1. Crowd solutions: Booklets ( something like that for OSD, strike up conversations; go to schools, churches and different communities, Occupy Your Corner, Live Video (Youtube)
  2. Discussion in reference to political parties
    1. Schedule discussion groups outside of GA
  3. Direct Action regarding Mayor Jerry Sanders “State of the City” Address on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 6 p.m. at the Balboa Theatre
    1. Working group created
  4. Message Left out of notes due to sensitivity of Information
  5. Occupy Wall St. Global Revolution TV team were targeted by police in their office and brutalized. What should OSD do about the likelihood that people participating in livestreaming and videotaping the police presence will be made targets?
    1. Crowd Solutions:  Those of us who can afford to buy a video capable camera should do so ASAP in order to spread the responsibility and make media individuals less conspicuous. Can we supply some to people who cannot afford them? A: Difficult as many of our resources have been stolen by people who couldn’t afford those resources. It’s also difficult to have certain people decide who’s responsible and should get one and who shouldn’t.
Individual Announcements:         No notes taken.                                   End of GA 1/4/12

Day 89 01/03/2012


7:10: General Assembly (Facilitator: Melissa)(Note taker: Lynn)(Time keeper: Mike G.)(Stack keeper: Unknown)(GA Tutors: Mike and Cheryl)


EVENTS WORKING GROUP–> Mike B: March for the January 07, 2011 will recreate the original route back on  Oct 7th.  This march is dedicated to our 3rd month anniversary.  They also want people to get involved with the organizing any action before or after the January 07 march. They also need people to help out organized or participate in Banks Actions. Need to created a contact list for people 2 days before it happens by via phone text.  February will be a Civil Rights Month we are organizing actions and events.  Please helps organize at Events Operational Group everyday (expect Sundays) at Freedom Plaza 4pm.

DEMANDS OPERATIONAL GROUP –> Martha: Press release for Free Speech Ballot measure.  Jan 5th Thursday 2pm  – City Clerk Office. Jan 11th Rules Commission 1st consideration of this ballot. Thursday 1/05/2011  5:30pm Demands Operational Group next meet.

MEDICAL OPERATIONAL GROUP –> John: is here for you don’t go to them when it is gotten bad.  Every Sat 10-12 sick call. Advice: eat raw garlic 2days you’ll feel better.

FACILITATION OPERATIONAL GROUP–> Mike: need records and notes from past meeting needed for new site.  We need to know what days you meet, where, time for working groups  so it can be placed on site for people to know.

OCCUPY THE HOOD WORKING GROUP –> Every Mon 6pm Occupy Hood Sherman Heights going to door to door this Saturday.  Please help out.

FINANCE OPERATIONAL GROUP –> Mike G: paying a NLG Atty for people calling from jail it cost money be aware.  Please call NLG Atty #’s 619-500-4468

BAIL OPERATIONAL GROUP –> Lynn and Ray L: search Occupy SD bail funds.  Bail funds is low, we need for people to donate.   Collecting info for any arrest please contact them.  Witnesses should also share what they know. get id’s of police for complaints.  Jan 24th Citizens review Board of Police is happening.  E-mail blast from Ray L. goes out everyday. If you interested let him know.  Does not cover SD Sheriff Dept.  Police oversight comm. does have 12 members there are positions that open frequently.  2 categories of complaints. Severe complaints go to IA. Not serious it goes to officers supervisors.

EDUCATION OPERATIONAL GROUP –> Chase: 8th Sun: 11am 4th grievances teach-in.  Sat 7th all people revolutionary project Lincoln High school 6pm. Library will be open for business starting on Sat.



Day 88 01/02/2012

Day 87 01/01/2012

Day 86 12/31/2011

Day 85 12/30/2011

Day 84 12/29/2011


7:05pm: General Assembly (Facilitator: Michael)(Note taker: John)(Time keeper and GA Tutors: Cheryl)

7:07pm: Declaration of Occupation of San Diego

7:10pm: Sang the “We’re are Occupy” Song

7:12pm: Solidarity Clap


7:13pm: Media Working Group: Solution media spreads out the power of the media. Trying to find a solution to bring media together.

7:13pm: 24/7 Operational Group: always facing SDPD and their tactics (encroachment).  Will take to legal about selective and discriminatory enforcement of the law/harassments.  Ernie had e-mailed members the legal about it.

7: 15pm: Finance Operational Group: received $1000.00 from Occupy Oakland. General discussion.  Oakland and Chicago called for solidarity march on January 1, 2011.  Meeting will be held at Freedom Plaza 5:30pm everyday.

7:16pm: Events Working Group: Trying to come up with calendar, with various actions.  Meets at 4pm anywhere.  Facilitation Working Group: Self described “Rocks!”  built temporary facilitation website.  There will be also a meeting on 12/31/11 at 5:30pm at Freedom Plaza to discuss about how to conduct the trainings.

7:18pm: Finance Operation Group: approved vans purchased for “Rose Bowl Parade.  Van hold 16 people talk to Chris McKay for more information.

7:19pm: 24/7 Showers is available tomorrow.  Please contact to Chris McKay or Martha S.  Medical Operational Group at 10am. Vet Working Group has meeting at Friday at 3:30pm.

7:20pm: Media Reconstruction Working Group: has decided on new Facebook, twitter, and web page.  POI à process is in the works for master passwords Media that is answerable to GA.

7:24pm: Safety Operation Group: Contact media with any videos, pictures of Police harassment.  Talked with legal about suing SDPD.

7:25pm: POI –> SDPD seems to be stealing from homeless. Feds are up with SDPD.

7:26pm: Close up circle, we are family. The SDPD walked through out during GA.

7:27pm: 3 arrest, William, Hex, and Matt Snell

7:30pm: 4 cops car arrive

7:31pm: 1 car show up

7:32pm: Sgt. J. Steffen orders more arrests

7:33pm: Personal belongs are taken, no receipts are given. Sgt. Says items taken are abandoned property will be released to owners, no receipts where issued.

7:36pm: Another arrest was made for intoxication claimed by SDPD but did not do Breathalyzer.

7:38pm: Cops, leaving, 2 made a walk though the plaza.

7:52pm: Called for GA to resume

7:55pm: GA restarted w/cop continue their walk through

7:57pm: hand signals, explained.

7:58pm: hold hands, Mic Check, “Remember were strong we lasted this long for a reason SDPD or the 1 percent can’t stop us. We are a family.”

8:00pm: “Other occupations have given up, we wont we are not going to be disbanded.”


8:01pm: DIRECT ACTION OPERATION GROUP –> PROPOSAL: Occupy house in Point Loma. Have to developed logistical tactics to occupy this home in specific.

8:03pm: Temperature check Table?

8:04pm: Propose to table, until further more research is done with this proposal.

8:06pm: We need to know more about the situation of the home that will be occupy.

8:07pm: Temperature checks on Tabling?

8:08pm: Table for contacts/research/working group?

8:09pm: AMENDENDED: Create working group with the gentlemen who got arrested

8:10pm: Table beck to working, No concerns, and no blocks. Consensus!

8:12pm: MEDIA RECONSTRUCTION WORKING GROUP –> PROPOSAL: Issue exist pages don’t belong to OSDGA.  New pages are created. The working group wants GA to approval these sites pages as an OSD official media outlet.

8:15pm: Temperature check: 3 concerns.  Concerns: Mike Garcia à is in favor of the proposal; he recounted FCC history, His concerns were with the used of worked “Official”. OSD doesn’t exist as an entity it’s an idea.  Can’t be “Official”.  One admin took down previous.

8:16pm: John C. concerns were both media group needs to meet up and talk to address these problems.

8:18pm: Group was reformed, then “hostile “ take over, doesn’t feel being represented.  Feels group needs to talk, both groups working hard, change approach, used tactics.

8:22pm: Concern that media needs repair, concerned about individuals not group.  Wants to hear more about committee not people.  We want to see info, but can’t because committee concerned with individual actions.

8:25pm: Everything Media? Break up into different groups.  Media will do that when formed.

8:27pm: Can’t figure out where to go. Can’t find information’s in our available media outlet, need to find a better way to general information to the public.

8:29pm: Can’t get all information from the current website.

8:29pm: POP à group is off topic. Working Group addresses concerns, “Official’ world mean OSDGA would issue information.

8:30pm: Concern GA was to take back to a working group. This working group addressing the proposal is meeting again at 5:30pm everyday.

8:35pm: POC à When and where?

8:36pm: POI à Calendars in the works.  Things will posted when site go.  Live.

8:37pm: Mic Check “Speak UP!” Working group will be at 5:30pm tomorrow.

8:38pm: Original Independent Media meets Mon, Weds, Friday @ 5:30pm.

8:40pm: Go to working group at 5:30pm

8:42pm: Facilitator walked out, new one arrived. PROPOSAL: help the homeless working group, wants everyone in GA to help.

8:50pm: Great idea, no easy, Need people to help. Wants to recruit students who are idealistic who wants to help.

8:52pm: Time and place? No time and place yet, when the time and place has been decided let GA.

8:53pm: 14 people at GA to help. Against pushing on Outreach should start at semester start.

8:57pm: Bail set up for Arrestee. People caught up with organization, main thing that helps is decentralization of material.  Work with who you want and don’t work with those you don’t want to. Process has been hijacked GA has lost process.

9:01pm: wants to go to DC and let them know we won’t leave until problems are fixed peacefully.

9:05pm: Facilitator is Saratoga. End of GA.

Day 83 12/28/2011

Day 82 12/27/2011

GA NOTES – 12/27:  (sorry folks, handwritten notes were real spotty tonight.)  Look at email blast dated 12/28 for better info, please.


·         Bank Action Committee to meet to set a new direct action Wednesday at 5:30

·         Veterans meeting at 5:30 on Friday

·         OccupYrCorner – Homes already Occupied meeting at 6PM on Wednesday at Filter Coffeehouse in Hillcrest.  Also an OccupYrCorner event at Balboa and Genesee in Clairemont from 12-3 New Year’s Day

·         Finance/Media Committees:  Thinking of hiring someone to “unify” the various Occupy San Diego web pages, preferably someone inside Occupy San Diego.

·         Reflection Committee:  next Tuesday at 4 PM, to talk about reaching out to other areas, and how to hold our ground.

·         Ray Lutz of media committee would like to catalog everyone who has been arrested, and catalog PD pictures with Badge and name of officers.  We need a master list of everyone who has been arrested.

·         Demands committee is trying to establish a list of demands for Occupy San Diego.  Meets Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30, and Saturdays (not sure of time) before GA which starts at 2 PM.

·         Facilitation Committee meets Saturday and Monday at 5:30

·         Occupiers wanted for the Holiday Bowl, tomorrow the 28th.  If you are driving try to pick up passengers around noon at Freedom Square so we can occupy the trolley station and parking lot.

Arraignments despite being listed at 8 AM are usually at 10 AM, we need people there, when anyone is arraigned.


·         A  proposal passed that the medical or wellness committee be separated from the safety committee.  This as they have two different functions, and the safety committee is not prepared to approve requests to finance from the medical side of the currently combined committees.

·         Megan who is visiting us from Occupy Berkeley proposed having a New Year’s Eve event at Freedom Plaza and possibly going down to accompany the festivities in the Gaslamp Quarter, maybe a march, also to have a ball drop with food, music, and opn mic/speakrers at Freedom Square.  There will be a meeting (tomorrow?) at 3 PM at Activist San Diego in Cirty Heihgts at 4246 Wightman Street.

·         Discussion of having a table at the Homeless Connect event on Jan. 11th in Golden Hall.  Or having one outside in the Plaza.  For possible future discussion.

·         There was a proposal to have a “theme” each week based on a grievance, and possibly a teach-in right before any planned direct action.  There were concerns that it would take a lot of time, and that people liked the idea bu not sure how to pull it off.  Michael Basillas set a time for an open working group Thursday and Sunday at 3 PM.

Day 81 12/26/2011

Day 80 12/25/2011

Day 79 12/24/2011

12/24/11 General Assembly, Occupy San Diego — 2pm in Freedom Plaza @ San Diego Civic Center

Moderator:  John Kenney

Note-taker:  Martha Sullivan

Stack:  Cristie

Tutor:  Stephanie Jennings

After the standard overview of GA Hand Signals by Tutor Stephanie, and GA process by Moderator John …

A. Committee Reports

1) Women Occupy SD:

a) “Occu-Carolers” performed Christmas Carols w/ Occupy lyrics at Horton Plaza, Mission Valley Mall and before/after Nutcracker performances in Freedom Plaza over the past 2 weeks.  Media coverage and much positive response.  The Occu-Carolers performed 3 songs for the GA to acclaim.  See this video if you haven’t seen them perform:

b) Martha Sullivan reported for WOSD’s “Get $ Out” working group that we are following up on 2 of the “Demands” already consensed by the GA with a planned Ballot Proposal for SD Clean Elections to be submitted to the SD City Clerk by Jan. 6, 2012 (consistent w/ SD City Council Policy), and a local/OSD campaign plan, starting with Jan. 20th “Occupy the Courts” and Feb. 27 stop on national Move to Amend Speaker tour, to promote a constitutional Amendment to end Corporate Personhood at the local jurisdiction level, to build a groundswell of support nationwide.

2) Medical/Wellness Committee:  Ben Cossel reported that the newly reinvigorated Medical/Wellness Committee will be at Freedom Plaza each Saturday at 10am for consultation.

3) 24/7 Committee:  Ernie talked about the intense harassment by SDPD in Freedom Plaza over the past few days, particularly.  Chief Lansdowne, Asst Chief Long, and other commanders visited the Occupiers on Thursday to lecture them.  The 24/7 Committee wants Legal Committee to help organize and effect a legal response to this harassment.

4) Facilitation Committee:  Cheryl Loeffler reported that a new OSD “forum style” website is in progress to provide a better online venue for discussion, as well as how to interact with Committees.  It is a big job, and the volunteer working on it is doing it as quickly as he can, but likely a few more weeks until ready.  NOTE:  Facilitation Committee mtg Monday 12/26 5:30p at FP to review/reconcile discussion of GA Restructuring Proposal offered at last Tuesday’s GA.

5) Outreach Committee:  Humberto Navarette is looking for more help in organizing/effecting opposition to ICE deportations.

6) Arts & Entertainment:  Brother HexagonTheGreen announced that the A&E Committee is coming back to life and invited anyone with ideas for Arts & Entertainment to contact him via FB or at Freedom Plaza.

7) Substantial Discussion RE Media Committee — Chris West considers the current Media Committee disbanded, and suggested meeting after the GA to form a new one.  Ray Lutz and Cristie each addressed this, as members of the Media Commitee, explaining that much of the Media Committee work is necessarily done online, offsite and unseen; that most Media Committee members necessarily do such work in-between paid work and/or seeking paid work and/or school; and Ray reported that one of their current initiatives is to get OSD Media catalogued for more ready reference AND to train more volunteers to assist with OSD Media/PR.  It was agreed to have a Media Committee mtg after the GA for anyone interested in further discussion.

8) Cristie suggested we have an “OSD Volunteer Fair” at Freedom Plaza to recruit Committee volunteers — have representatives of various Committees on-site to meet with people, explain what the Committee does, and get them signed up to help with discrete projects/initiatives.  Moderator John suggested this as a Future Agenda Item for further discussion — possibly 12/31?  (Saturday 2p)

B. Agenda Items

1) DEMANDS brainstorming, continued from 12/17 GA …

On behalf of Demands Committee, Martha reported that the crowd-stormed suggestions from the 12/17 GA are being correlated with OWS Grievances list and Corcoran Prison Hunger Strikers’ 10 OWS Grievances list, and Demands Committee planning to publish an “Inventory” to serve as a Living Document and reference/Study Guide.  Hope to have a first cut out the next week or so.  Demands Committee meets this week on Tues & Thu at 5:30 @ FP.

We then did Crowd-Storming on how to Organize the OSD Demands, with following reports:

(a) Group 1 (Jeff B reporting):  Focus on Get $ Out of Politics.  Info:  Education Committee has been hosting Teach-in on each Demand in the 99% Declaration on Sundays at 11a-1p, OFF on Christmas and New Years.  John/Martha — once Demands Committee Inventory is published, this would be a great way to have further Discussion/Action Planning on OSD-generated suggestions.

(b) Group 2:  Get $ IN to Politics — e.g., Equitable Taxation (1% actually PAY fair share of taxes).

(c) Group 3 (Hex reporting):  Need a NEW NAME for “Demands”, which sounds like Terrorist/Kidnapper demands, also like we are looking to be “appeased”.  “Solutions” much more descriptive.  Could have a brief “Problem Statement” paired w/ “Solution”.

2) We had further discussion of Police Harassment in Freedom Plaza …

(a) We need to make a CONCERTED EFFORT to complete the Citizen Oversight Board Complaint Forms each time SDPD harasses an Occupier.  The forms are available in the lobby of City Hall, also on the 13th floor of the Civic Ctr Plaza tower (M-F biz hours); we should also have a stack available on-site, e.g., in Media Cart and on various Occupiers’ person.

(b) It is difficult for the subject of the SDPD harassment to collect info WHILE the harassment is occurring. We NEED an non-24/7er “CopWatch Team” to organize having an observer on-site as much as possible, with camera and clipboard to record any information possible to collect.  Even if can’t get the offending officer’s name and ID # (they are now often covering up w/ black tape on uniforms and refusing to give this info when requested), having video/photo of the offending officer(s) will enable Citizen Oversight to refer to SDPD Internal Affairs for identification.

(c) An Occupier reported hearing of a recent $150k award in a lawsuit on behalf of the houseless against PD/City.  We will try to find out the specifics of this for any lessons/resources.

3) SUGGESTION by Cheryl Loeffler for OSD supporters looking for how to help:  Outreach to potential Ally Groups, who are interested in supporting OSD but don’t know how.  This can be rolled into the “Future Agenda Topic” listed above for an “OSD Volunteer Recruitment Fair” with Committees represented.


1) Christmas Day Potluck Brunch at Freedom Plaza 11a, contact John K.

2) Salvation Army Christmas Dinner at Golden Hall on Freedom Plaza.

3) Tracey Reardon Odman announced she and others are prepping a Christmas Dinner to be served to Occupiers at Freedom Plaza at 5p, and asked for people planning to attend to let her know so they can plan for numbers.

Day 78 12/23/2011

Day 77 12/22/2011

Day 76 12/21/2011

Day 75 12/20/2011

GA Notes – 12-20:€


  • Demands committee meets Thursday 5:30.  Jan. 6th is the deadline for California ballot measures.
  • Finance Committee:  Working on possibly moving meeting place to someplace other place besides Downtown Johnny Brown’s for meetings.  Minuses for moving outside:  Rainy weather.  Eavesdropping too easy, don’t want to share anything with people who might really same to police or even SDPD directly hearing what’s being said.  Issue and possible proposal were tabled.
  • Education committee would like to get the library set up again a week from Saturday.
  • Teach-in (concert?) will happen a week from Saturday at 6 PM at Lincoln HS.  Food will be provided
  • Wellness committee will start a Facebook page tonight; the committee needs to know occupiers’ needs, i.e. meds for diabetics.  Tentative plans are to start wellness visits for Occupy San Diego on Saturday at 9 PM.
  • Arts and entertainment committee (Hex) would like to get this committee started and a few on board to start making things happen.
  • Occupy Greyhound:  Talk to Chris McKay about help with getting to DC and back via Greyhound
  • Zenyatta (sp?) has a holiday planning meeting at 5:30 tomorrow.  Stuff like a handmade gift exchange.


  • Facilitations committee proposed having fewer GAs, i.e. M, W, F, Sat and having the other days open mic free speech sessions  Stack was opened for a short time then we decided to do crowdstorming.  Concerns about coming down from afar only to find there is no GA.  It’s a crapshoot.  Ernie would like GA to continue to meet daily as has been ever since Oct. 7th.  People need to have a way of knowing when upcoming events or discussion times will happen.  Have casual/formal GA days every other day it would alternate one to another.  Results of crowdstorming:


  • Have GAs four times a week, continue open mic (no details)
  • Ratification process where proposals would have to be consensed upon for two out of three consecutive GAs.
  • Suggest that facilitation committee meet again.
  • Group
    • Occupy San Diego Is a young movement, why change so early?
    • People have issues with coming some days, due to work commitments or other reasons.
  • Group
    • Feel having fewer GAs would decrease level of involvement.
    • Point made that different people make it every night.
    • Have open mic every day
  • Group
    • Not in favor of substituting open mic for GAs.
    • Where’s the evidence that having fewer GAs would work better for the movement.
    • Michael Basillas very concerned about the movement losing momentum.

Topic tabled until tomorrow.

Proposal to call all applications to suggest writing “we” in as a write in candidate for elective offices.  An excellent discussion was opened up on this and we talked about how best to leverage the elections and whether we ever want to endorse a candidate for any elective office.  Also of corporate personhood and Move to Amend (constitution change prohibiting corporate personhood.  One occupier suggested that we try to organize third party convention to attract the far right and far left (for lack of better terms) who have given up on the political process.  To get the non-voter involved.  To be continued!  There will be a working group after GA on this issue.  The proposal by its very nature produced excellent interchange at this GA and very likely will continue to do so.  Sort of a rhetorical question that gets people seriously thinking about where we’re going with Occupy.

Tomorrow night there will be a GA agenda item on media committee transparency and accountability going forward.  There are a number of issues with supposedly missing equipment and also Occupy San Diego not having a way to have passwords accessible without giving that to the entire occupation.

At 5 PM there WILL be a facilitation committee meeting.

Great GA, occupiers!

Day 74 12/19/2011

Occupy San Diego – GA Notes – Monday, Dec. 19th:

Co-facilitators were Claudia, and Michael Basillas.


Facilitation committee meets Mondays at 5:30 PM, and also a special meeting at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, Dec. 20th, to work on proposal(s) for new GA activities on certain nights, such as soapbox night, also possibly fewer nights of GAs so more people would come.  Many have expressed interest in having fewer GAs.  The proposal(s) will be presented at GA later Tuesday night.

We need a way to contact food committee, also possibly may need some volunteers.  One individual mentioned that the “organizer” needs more money.

Solidarity Committee:  “Occupy Greyhound” will be going to “Occupy Congress” which is on Jan. 19th.  Check for local info, and contact Michael Basillas and/or Chris McKay if you plan to go.  Solidarity Committee has asked to borrow $600 from finance committee to purchase tickets soon.  This will be determined at the next committee meeting at a time to be determined likely at 5:30 PM on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Solidarity committee needs volunteers, and will need to do some planning for this trip and the stay in D.C.

An occupier commented that there is currently no way to contact anyone in committees, and often there is typically no info posted on meeting times.

24/7 committee member Ernie reminded 24/7 occupiers to try to keep our home clean, and free from dog poop.

Demands committee will meet at 5:30 PM tomorrow, to begin the process of defining our local occupation’s demands.  Part of the discussion will likely be about how many demands we would like to establish, there are valid arguments both for a small list so people would know our demands are, and a more lengthy list in odder to cover our bases (one of the many demands may really appeal to some individuals, which might not happen with a short list.)  Also possible is having two lists, one brief, the other extensive.  The plan is for demands to be talked about weekly at Saturday’s GA at 2 PM.  (Note to anyone interested: education committee has had an excellent series of teach-ins on the OWS demands from 11 A M to 1 PM on Tuesdays, they are covered extensively, usually one each week.)

Occupy Women’s committee meets at 3 PM after GA on Saturdays.

Hex is interested in having an arts/music committee plan some events, talk to him if you are interested.

Outreach committee: “Occupy the Hood” meets at Sherman Heights community center on Mondays.  Their Facebook page is at

Direct Action committee will announce an impromptu, as yet unspecified direct action at 8:30 AM Tuesday at our home.  Come if you want to participate!


We talked extensively about the media committee; then called a brief break as there was a man nearby who had some concerns, then broke off into small groups for crowdstorming.  One from each group presented the result from each group.

  1. The media admin(s) should be “like Switzerland”, neutral.
  2. Advised post of guideline document on Occupy San Diego’s Facebook page or elsewhere describing what the admin’s duties, guidelines and responsibilities are.  GA should give admin(s) the guidelines of how Facebook should be run.
  3. Media moderators should be “grassroots activists”.
  4. Passwords need to be shared in such a way that GA can access them if they deem it necessary.
  5. We might want an alternative to Facebook.
  6. GA needs to tell admins how to run Facebook.
  7. Need way to post info, which is not opinion but facts and documentation.
  1. Media committee needs as to be accessible as possible.  When are their meetings, and who is on the media committee?
  2. Address media committee and establish open communications with them.
  1. Approach media, ask for passwords.
  2. No drama please.
  3. Any donations (not from finance committee) need to be spent on resources/supplies that the media committee needs to do the media functions, nothing else.  Also advertising for donations is OK but these donations need to go only to the Occupy San Diego general fund only.
  4. Media committee members need to be responsible.  Suggested proposal: If someone has somehow misplaced or lost items that belong to Occupy San Diego’s media committee, they are still welcome to participate in media committee but Occupy San Diego can no longer jeopardize itself in the same way again.  Bottom line, be responsible if you have a need for Occupy San Diego’s equipment and you can use it again.  Two different people said that media committee has thus far lost three of Occupy San Diego’s laptop computers.
  5. Media committee members need to be responsible as our representatives of Occupy San Diego, not like how our elected leaders in America are not acting responsibly in representing us, the 99%.
  1. We need to post info up to the website that Ray Lutz runs,  Upload to  Events need to be sent to the admin(s) of this website.  Passwords need to brought back to Occupy San Diego.
  2. Media people covering events need to be independent of Occupy San Diego, working as an independent journalist such that they can operate without threat or fear or arrest.  If Occupy San Diego attempts media coverage SDPD may likely interfere.  However in acting doing so they need to use their own equipment, not the equipment Occupy San Diego owns.
  3. Anyone that is using the property of Occupy San Diego’s media committee as an independent journalist needs to give back any equipment they may have to whom it belongs, namely Occupy San Diego.
  4. Facebook, Twitter admin passwords need to be accessible to Occupy San Diego should the need arise.
  5. The domain name belongs to Occupy San Diego, but is currently being “redirected” to a site for an independent organization which covers Occupy San Diego news but is independently operated.  ( Occupy San Diego needs the capability of directing http requests for the domain name to a website under Occupy San Diego’s auspices.

A proposal was discussed and consensed upon that a working group will meet at 3 PM at our home on Tuesday the 20th, and will through GA address the media committee on what needs to change in the way media committee operates.  The working group will cover media committee topics.  Existing media committee members are highly encouraged to attend this working group.  If media committee will not address the input from the working group, the working group will need to take action, not specified at Monday’s, GA but to be determined by the working group.

There was a discussion of where finance committee should meet in the future, other than Downtown Johnny Brown’s, as there are some who need to abstain from alcohol and are not comfortable in a setting where alcohol is served.  Finance  committee has agreed to abstain from alcohol during these meetings because of these concerns.

One occupier pointed out the need to balance openness and “security culture”.  Conversations inside a restaurant are not as secure, meaning easy to overhear.

Also the finance committee is a “high functioning’ group, unlike most others, and numbers might drop if meetings were moved outside; and the committee is very open and welcome to anyone wiling to help And in an them out.

Chourac (sp?) pointed out that those with lots of belongings are not allowed to enter the restaurant.

Consensed:  At the finance committee meeting tomorrow at 4 PM Tuesday this will be discussed in detail.

David Lande is starting a “Free Energy” workgroup or committee, free energy based on Tesla’s work.  If interested contact David at

Proposal for tomorrow: In the upcoming election year, Occupy San Diego should issue a call to all Occupations to write in “you” for president campaign.

Sean, Dante and Hex will facilitate a crowdstorming topic at Tuesday’s GA.


An occupier is making a book “Why do you Occupy” and will bring it to our home tomorrow, for occupiers to write their experiences in.

The Ruckus society, which practices non-violent civil disobedience, and direct actions will have classes sometime next month.

Quick proposal consensed upon that we are not a leaderless movement, that “we are all leaders”.

Day 73 12/18/2011

Day 72 12/17/2011

Day 71 12/16/2011

Day 70 12/15/2011

Day 69 12/14/2011

Day 68 12/13/2011

Day 67 12/12/2011

Day 66 12/11/2011

Day 65 12/10/2011

Day 64 12/09/2011


I. Finance

1. Benefit Concert
Occupy San Diego will be holding a benefit concert on Wednesday December 14th, at 7pm to help raise funds for OSD. We will be selling the shirts that we made. Tickets are $5. We would also like to auction off the tiny tents we used in the “re-occupation” of civic plaza. But we cannot find the tents. Please contact Mike Garcia from Finance if you know where these tents are.

The concert is at 1271 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92103 <— this gives you a calendar of upcoming OSD events.

II. General Announcement

Pajama Party
December 10th Tomorrow night at Civic Center.

III. Negotiations

Upcoming Port Shutdown
John Kenney wanted to emphasize that we are not to use physical force against workers when we hold our picket line.


I. Should we have a 25 person quorum for general assembly?
Amendment: The quorum should be 20.
Final Proposal: 20 people will be required in order to conduct GA.
Passed with consensus.


I. How should we deal with violent individuals?

Day 63 12/08/2011

Day 62 12/07/2011

Day 61 12/06/2011

There was no GA tonight. Please do not schedule events in conflict with general assembly.

Day 60 12/05/2011

Agenda Items

I. Should we give GA the power to formally kick people out of Occupy San Diego for committing acts of violence?
Motion was blocked.

I would like to encourage everyone even though this motion was blocked, please stay informed from Safety and Direct Action about who to keep a look out for and keep the safety of the community in mind. Please be supportive of your fellow occupiers when dangerous situations       present themselves. Stand up for people who cannot stand up for themselves.



I. Direct Action
1. Event
Direct Action is planning a meetting at Chicano park at 5:30 on Tuesday December 6th. Chicano Park is where the port shutdown will meet on December 12th. Direct Action will also be holding tree-climbing training at 4pm. Chicano Park is at the intersection of Logan Ave and Cesar Chavez Parkway. Please invite your friends and attend!

II. Finance
1. Stolen Money
Over $2000 was stolen by a specific individual named in GA. For more information please see finance committee.

2. Request for Funds
Due to the large sum of money, this request for funds from finance was sent to general assembly.

Should $500 of donation money be spent to produce 250 T-shirts?
Request Granted by Consensus

These T-shirts will be available for the Port Direct Action on the 12th.

3. Please come up with more fund raising ideas.

III. Us Committee
Fund Raising Idea
We could sell stamps for money. Please see Alien at civic center to get involved.

IV. Safety
1. Tommorow’s GA Agenda Item
The legal drug called “Spice” should be banned from Occupy San Diego.

2. Please clean up after yourself and after your dog!

V. Negotiations
City Council
City Council is meeting on Tuesday at 10am and 2pm. This is the last City council of the year.  This link will take you to the City Council Agenda:|PATH%3Acouncilminutes|PATH%3Acouncilresults&getfields=DOCUMENT_URL.DOC_DATE.TITLE.SORTORDER&sort=date%3AD%3AS%3Ad1&output=xml_no_dtd&ie=UTF-8&client=scs_ocd&filter=0&site=documents&config=sirecouncilmeetings.js&proxystylesheet=sirefrontend&q=Council+inmeta:DOC_DATE_NUM%3A20110101..20120101

Everyone speaking is to have an organized presentation for city council. A crowd storming session was held to get more ideas from GA about what people would like to tell council members.

VI. Occupy Oakland
We have contact info for Occupy Oakland. Phone number won’t be released over blast but you can find out by asking around at civic center. Or email me.


Tomorrow’s Agenda Items

1. The legal drug called “Spice” should be banned from Occupy San Diego.

2. Proposal from Us Committee
We should look into buying a bus. See Alien to discuss this idea.

Day 59 12/04/2011

Agenda Items

1. Should we use the people’s mike all the time in GA except during stack discussions?
Amendment: People speaking are allowed to opt out of using people’s mike.
Final Proposal: We will default to the people’s mike for all announcements, but the speaker may opt out of it, if desired.
Passed with Consensus.

2. Should we move Saturday GAs to 3pm instead of 7pm?
Amendment: Saturday GA changed to 2pm.
Final Proposal: Starting Saturday, December 17th. Saturday GAs will be scheduled for 2pm every week.
Passed with Consensus.



Dangerous Person Watch

I am blasting this because the safety of the OccupySD community is the number one priority.

Brian Zazuetta was confronted in the assembly for earlier threatening another person with a knife. The assembly re-iterated its strict drug-free weapon-free policy, and it’s no violence policy. Then Brian left the civic center. The San Diego Police have not been helpful in keeping the civic center safe, so for the safety of our community, occupiers at the Civic Center are strongly urged to find out who Brian Zazuetta is, and stay vigilant. Please keep safety in mind at all times! There is a proposal for DEC 5th GA for how to deal with this situation. Please attend. And if you have further questions, please contact Ernie of the safety committee

II. Logistics
The Barter List

Do you have any good skills? Zenyatta is putting together a master list of people and their special talents. Please email her at, leave your name and your best skill that you’d like to be known for. I myself am pretty good with the bow staff.

III. Art
New Slogans Please!

Please do some creative thinking and try to come up with new Occupy SD slogans and statements that you would like to have put on bumper stickers. If you have ideas, please get in touch with Saratoga.

IV. Labor
Free Speech Zone at City College

Jim Miller of the American Federation of Teachers spoke to the assembly today. He is looking into a possible free speech zone being set up at city college on behalf of Occupy SD. For more info please contact

V. Education
1. Civil Disobedience Training
Today education committee held a Civil Disobedience training preview. There will be an actual civil disobedience training next Sunday, December 11th from 1pm – 4pm @ UCSD. Please contact Eva at for specific location and to RSVP.

2. Teach In
Using images with our bodies to get the principles of Occupy SD across. Please contact Eva for more And see the education Calendar for a list of upcoming teach-ins.

VI. Food


Dinner will be served at the civic center @ 6:30pm on Monday Dec 5th. Thank you to Paula for supplies!

VII. Finance
Funds are low

OccupySD funds are lower than they could be. Please continue to brainstorm ideas for raising funds.

Day 58 12/03/2011

General Assembly Notes 12/3/11

Moderator: Michael Basillas

  • Introductions
  • Purpose Statement
  • Rights
  • Why We Occupy
  • Solidarity Clap Introduced
  1. Committee Announcements
    1. Direct Action
      1. Need: Links of Chains, Master Locks, ??? Locks
      2. storage place is available for donations. No perishable foods. Unlimited storage. No time limit.
        1. See Patrick or Bob at CC and they will pick up any items to go to storage.
    2. Labor Solidarity
      1. Meet on Sat. at 1 PM
      2. Discussed the labor stance on port shutdown action on 12/12
        1. Individual support from union workers, no strikes.
        2. You can represent your local (wear local monikers) but again, you’re local is not on strike
        3. Discussed that there are very few ILWU workers at the proposed port on 12/12.
    3. Joint Committee for 12/12 Port Shutdown
      1. Discussed possibility of getting funds from OWS for port shutdown
      2. Meeting next on Tuesday at 5:30 at Cesar Chavez park
      3. Need a vehicle– preferably a flat bed truck– for action for sound truck, supplies, stage.
        1. M*** E*** from Activist San Diego has let us use on in the past, Dave will try to contact him before Tuesdays Joint meeting.
      4. Jackal- first line medic from Oakland, first hand with ???, Oakland is a war zone…. there are a few Navy medics who have offered to show up on 12/12, one who can dedicate time for the morning, one who will be there after five.
        1. bring water, granola bars, sunscreen, etc. Supplies to keep yourself (and more if you can) going for the whole day.
        2. Food donations will be needed. There is a possibility of a BBQ.
        1. Looking for musicians, DJs, performance artists etc. to keep the Port Shutdown action lively. Contact anybody you know, ask them to come down as early as they can on the 12th.
    4. Education Committee
      1. Education committee has planned some actions in line with the list of grievances we adopted.
        1. Mic Checked the hall of Justice regarding the NDAA bill.
        2. Will be doing Mic Checks at local banks contact Michael B. for time/date/location
    5. Occupy Foreclosure Evictions working group
      1. Tuesday 12/6 @ 2PM ACCE will be giving a press conference at CC regarding occupyourhomes, an action to help people in the foreclosure process keep their homes.
      2. Drafting a resolution to City Council in solidarity with Occupyyourhomes.
      3. Occupy evictions is different than squatting, this is to keep people in homes they are currently living in, not to get people into empty foreclosed homes.
      4. Approach people in the foreclosure process and ask if they want us to help.
      5. Attempting to contact Home Defenders League. Will be working closely with ACCE.
      6. For access to google group email
  • Recitation of Solidarity by Group
  • Humanizing Stacks– today’s GA we will be using the stacks for concerns ONLY. If you agree with the proposal you shouldn’t get on stack.
    • Proposal: Let’s use the People’s Mic all the time during GA
      • Concerns (4)
        • Time concern- like that requires more …?
        • People’s mic is sluggish, slow for debate. Could hinder the meeting, people may leave
        • May be misunderstood and wrong message could get out.
        • Speaker becomes dispassionate during process of People’s Mic, and may restrict speaker’s ability to communicate
      • Rebuttal from Proposer
        • most powerful tool of Occupy
        • interalizes others’ words in repeaters
        • interactive
        • encourages succinctness
        • skill-building in being succinct
        • powerful for very large groups of people
        • Draws people in from outside
        • When people have to repeat others’ opinions they may be less inclined to repeat others in stacks
        • Could shorten meeting times by lessening people’s interest in expressing opinions they’ve already expressed.
        • Major Symbol of Occupy
        • Great Innovation
        • Can be done without megaphones/PAs with large crowds
      • Concern
        • It can be excruciating to sit through GAs that use people’s mic too.
      • Amendment
        • Try people’s mic for Sunday’s GA. Limit People’s mic use to Intro, committee anouncements, major announcements, proposal items. stacks run as usual. After Sunday’s GA, call to consensus to see if people like it or want to discontinue that practice.
    • Proposal: Earlier GA on Saturdays, move it to Horton Plaza, in afternoon
      • Concerns
        • Horton Plaza is private propertys
        • Collective is small tonight
        • THere may be events for taht time already… Humanitarian Day is taht Saturday at 4, I believe they have a rally.
      • Tabled with notes:
        • Move an upcoming Saturday to another time or location; or another time and location
        • A location where there are people milling about
        • Earlier in teh day
        • March to new GA location
        • use people’s mic
        • Bob will look at upcoming Saturday schedules and look for possible conflicts or how far ahead such move would have to be scheduled.
    • Proposal: Fundraising Quilt: Sell Patches for a quilt. $1 and $5 patches available.
      • Concerns
        • Go to the finance committee for paper trail for donations to keep fundraising transparent.
      • Proposer agrees
      • Consensus
  • Crowd Storming Discussion about definition of Violence
    • Long discussion
    • Ended with discussion group forming on Monday at 4 PM
      • Agenda for discussion group about violence/nonviolence definitions:
        • Discuss how to go about holding such discussion groups (tactics, materials, research etc)
        • Discuss with people who show up what they think/feel about the topic
        • Decide on another meeting time/date

(There were a lot of hand-written notes on this topic which I will transcribe in the future but for time’s sake I am publishing the outcome so I can get this out)

  • Personal Announcements:
    • Need art supplies for Port Shut down
      • Rocky just got a lot of money from finance for art supplies
      • blast facebook and twitter
    • Civil Disobedience training session at CC Sunday @ 5 PM
    • We have a storage space & will help move things to and from (contact Bob)
    • (Moderator) good discussion today seems like stack for concerns rather than general stacks worked well. Please see facilitation committee for ideas in the future.

Meeting Adjourned

Day 57 12/02/2011

Day 56 12/01/2011

I. Committee Announcements

1. Demands
Check out   and    for sites about getting money out of politics.

2. Occupy SD Think Tank
Thank you to 77 people for participating in the poll so far. More votes are needed! I would like to get at least 100.
Please see the questions on the Occupy San Diego Cause Page

II. Discussion Item

1. The National Defense Authorization Act was passed by the Senate 93 to 7.
Obama can still veto, but bill has super-majority support. Possible implications for protestors arrested in San Diego. Further information needed.

III. Proposal

1. Moderator has full authority to decide the format of discussions during GA. Stack or crowd storming is used at the Moderator’s discretion.

Motion was passed!

IV. Crowd Storming Brain Storming

Donations are needed for Occupy San Diego! Please come up with ideas to raise funds and get involved any way you can!

These ideas were discussed at GA.

1. Site lets you send in logos and they make T-shirts out of them and give you a percentage of the profits.

2. We sell our own screen prints.

3. Grant-writing. Does anyone know how to write Grants?

4. P. J. is looking into a non-profit fund-raising consultant.

5. Outreach at the Farmer’s market. Table can be set up. People can do origami crafts and ask for donations. Or have a bake sale. There are farmer’s markets at OB, N. Park, Hillcrest, and Lil Italy.
Please contact or to get involved.

6. Hold a bike race with a $5 entrance fee, with small prizes for the winners.
Please contact to get involved.

7. Hold a 99 “per cent” drive to get people to donate cents.

8. Set up a table at Kobey’s Swap meet to hold a penny drive, a garage sale, and T shirt sale.

9. Set up an education table at Embarcaderos with bi-lingual people on the weekends.
Please contact to get involved.

10. Have a marching band that uses donations jugs for drums.

11. Form a dumpster diving committee.

Please get involved in a project to raise donations!

Benjamin is facilitator of GA for Dec 2nd. (that’s me) Be on your best behavior.

Day 55 11/30/2011

Day 54 11/29/2011

Day 53 11/28/2011


I. Occupy Think Tank

Please vote in the newest facebook poll. Let’s try to get at least 100 votes in there.

“What proposition would you like to see on the California ballot?” Please come up with what you think would best reflect the vision of the Occupy Movement as applied to California and add to the list below… and vote!

II. Direct Action

1. DA is planning to occupy foreclosure evictions. They will stage direct actions for people who are immediately getting kicked out of their homes. Attend Direct Action meetings for more info 5:30 @ civic center.

2. December 10th 4:00pm Saturday. International Humanitarian Day! March and live music! Meet at civic center at 4.

III. Education
1. December 9th Friday: March to Court House for the arraignment of a fellow occupier. More specific times will be given in a later update.

2. December 10th Saturday: March/Teach-in, March on Wells Fargo and B of A building to have a teach in on why we are occupying and what the banks have done.

3. Mobile Library will be established. Please donate books!

4. Thursday 7:30 @ UCSD: A march and vigil will be held in support of UC Davis.

IV. Outreach
1. Labor Conference will be held in Tijuana on November 29th.
2. 12/12 port shutdown is highest on the agenda.

V. Safety
1. Medical is now combined with Safety.
2. We have succeeded in finding supplies.
3. We need more Volunteers for Peacekeepers and First Aid!

VI. Negotiations
1. Derek and Nancy have joined in the hunger strike with John!
2. Occupy LA Propositions
a. Support Bank Jubilee Day, forgive debts for people as well as banks.
b. Support Amending Corporate Personhood, regulate it.

VII. Biking
Tuesday November 29. Bike Meeting @ 9pm after GA. Come join the cavalry arm of Occupy San Diego!


I. Negotiation people bring Bank Jubilee Day to City Council. Get the city council to adopt a resolution supporting debt forgiveness for people with foreclosed homes.
Motion is passed.

II. Support the Constitutional Amendment proposed by

Section 1 [Corporations are not people and can be regulated]

The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only.

Artificial entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies, and other entities, established by the laws of any State, the United States, or any foreign state shall have no rights under this Constitution and are subject to regulation by the People, through Federal, State, or local law.

The privileges of artificial entities shall be determined by the People, through Federal, State, or local law, and shall not be construed to be inherent or inalienable.

Section 2 [Money is not speech and can be regulated]

Federal, State and local government shall regulate, limit, or prohibit contributions and expenditures, including a candidate’s own contributions and expenditures, for the purpose of influencing in any way the election of any candidate for public office or any ballot measure.

Federal, State and local government shall require that any permissible contributions and expenditures be publicly disclosed.

The judiciary shall not construe the spending of money to influence elections to be speech under the First Amendment.

Section 3

Nothing contained in this amendment shall be construed to abridge the freedom of the press.

Motion is passed.

Day 52 11/27/2011

GA 112711

Committee Announcements:

Finance: We have on our website a tab for “adopt an occupier”. We have people who are doing things like buying cushions, comfort items, and art supplies. Contact Mike Garcia to tell him what you need, and people can individually make personalized donations.

Teach-in report-back:

The Sunday teachins were very successful. The teachin at four was about “T” from LGBT. The “T” is very misconstrued. There are people all over the map as to how they identify as “T”. People shared their stories, talked about social construction of gender ideas, autonomy of self-labeling. Very successful, will be doing it again.


Open stack for any 2 minute items that anybody wants to present regarding the occupation.

One: I have some important information that I want to share. Earlier today on the FB page somebody anonymously posted information about Michael Sweet, the officer who choked Bob. The information was about his house, his daughter, etc. I am not in favor of that action, I feel like that is a threat, whether anything is done about it or not. And I think that the people physically occupying are going to bear the consequences of this action.


I’ve been here for 3 weeks. I’ve seen and learned a lot. I’ve learned this is not a wave-off. It’s important. We face a challenge tonight. We are facing an eviction tonight. We need to be prepared. I’m not here because I’m homeless I’m here to support the cause. I know why I’m here. I’ve been in jail before. So What? I’m down for the cause, I’m prepared to do more for the cause. Talk to me, instruct me, I’m willing to learn. I’m a military veteran. I’m a homeless vet, and I despise that. Nobody who is homeless wants to be homeless, they just don’t want to jump through the hoops that are necessary not to be homeless. I will stay here. I will be here. Use me. It’s not about me, it’s it’s about the cause. Thank you.

We already have been attacked by thte police, violently it shouldn’t be a surprise if it happens again. The information on FB,  miight not even be true, it might not be that big of an issue.

Response: whether or not it’s true, its still a threat. I’m very aware that we’ve been raided before, I was dragged out of my car. I’m saying that sometimes they’re looking for a reason to go beyond what they’ve done before. An d I think this might be used as such an excuse.

I understand what Michaela is saying, but I also know this is not the first time, when Oakland was raided the police there were doxed too. Also the … Gary security firm has been doxxed. When officers have a tendency to attack the Occupy movement this is what is done. It’s been happening, and it’s going to keep on happening.

In 1963 they created the Freedom of Information Act. But, the FOIA only deals with government, not about who the police are or where they live. I don’t agree with this. Some of those police officers have children at their homes. I don’t agree with this posting, this is WAY too personal for my liking. We are in a war, the biggest in a long time. It’s a war against corruption, we are fighting it peacefully. Peaceful means allowing your ass to get worked for a better future. Maybe that means getting hurt, but it must be done.

If that information is false, then um, thank goodness for the safety of that officer, but if that information is true, then it might be really really bad. I think maybe a crowd storm might be in order about how we respond to this publicly. I think we should talk to that, say we didn’t sanction that before we get stomped.

First off, this is Anonymous doing this. THere is no control that any of us can have over any of this. Ever since Tony Boloney sprayed those women this has been happening. Their perspective on this is that the cops are answerable to the people. The only reason this is a point of contention is that it’s on our Facebook page. I see why peoploe don’t like this, it may make the police officers fear for their safety. I think that if a cop is out there abusing people it’s a viable tactic to get out that information. This information is going out, people are going to start spamming him. The post itself isn’t necessarily violent.

Response: My point isn’t to say what we do about it, jsut that it be brought to everybody because it effects our safety here.

The only thing we can really do about it is say “we don’t condone violence”.

Even if people are not a part of Occupy and they do things., like the “occupy shooter” who wasn’t involved with Occupy at all. Regardless of things that go outside of the occupy movement, people blame things on us. SOme of this stuff is being blamed on us. The “Occuipy SHooter” is a terrorist, not an occupier. He’s a big terrorist, it’s morally wrong. He had nothing to do with Occupy, held no principles of OCcupy, and what he did was completely wrong. People are going to pin stuff to us regardless.

POC: when I last saw that post there were 40 some comments about that,. most were against it.

Bad cops aren’t above the law, they should abide by the same rules that we do.

THis is a tactic of our Occupy movement. Doxxing has been done in many protests, the idea is that these people cannot simply be violent against protesters without redress. Not every cop out there chokes protester, this cop chokes protesters. The idea is that we start mailing his neighbors information that he is a protester beater. We use peer pressure to stop these “peace-keepers” from behaving outside the law, we don’t just stand idly by while this happens. We aren’t saying to go bomb his house, we’re saying we let his community know that he is a monster. Furthermore, I don”t think we should be worrying about people’s signs. The tea party gets to parade around with signs that say that we can pull their guns from their cold dead hands, nobody calls them violent, NO, they’re tax warriors. THE MEDIA DOESN”T LIKE US. Deal with it.

Topic 2: It’s seems likely that we’ll be raided in the near future

The real fun and creativity is in flexibility, we don’t need to get arrested and spend money, when they push us we say peace and leave. And come back the next day.

I gotta disagree, I think that holding on to this piece of ground is important to this movement, to us, and to the people who are watching. Tomorrow there is a group of people coming to support us, they are coming with tents. Whether it’s symbolic or not doesn’t matter, the this is that we get out our message. It’s up to you whether you want to stay here. It’s up to you whether you want to fight for your rights. It’s important that we stick together.

I think it’s very symbolic that we’ve held our ground. It think the fact that we’ve always had a presence here is important. There have been a few times when we’ve had small presence due to raids etc. There is something about the synchronicity of nature and flocks, when we stick together we are one unit, when we’re being raided we need to help ourselves like fish in an attck.

I think we need ot fight for what’s right. Everything that they’re doing is wrong. I think we need to keep a presence and even if we get arrested we need to stay here regardless of any threat. The Civil rights movement folks didn’t walk out when there was a threat. The people in Tahrir square didn’t walk out. The people in LA aren’t walking out.

At night, we get to low numbers it’s not tactically sound for those small amount of people to make a stand.

If you get arrested and you’re out on bail don’t get arrested, you forfeit your bail, more importantly the person who posted your bail has to pay the full amount.

POC: is that known fact?

I heard it from a bondsman.

POC: Can you please make sure that’s the law, I feel that it may chill people from participating in civil disobedience if they want.

If we get raided… it’s not permanent. We come right back. They can’t do anything. Historically this is what happened in Berkeley. The police told the protesters they had to move, and teh people said yes sir, and then came back. THey did it again. and the protesters came right back. The courts were sympathetic to the protesters. It was a cat and mouse game. Let’s play with them.

Topic 3:

We will find as time when there isn’t presence, I want to discuss this…. But not in front… oh there’s a press release….

We are bringing 50 tents in tomorrow regardless of any authority. We are doing this in Solidarity with OLA. Let’s Stand up, let’s fight for what’s right.


1) Press release regarding the tents read aloud.

2) I would like for our GA to officially support this act of Civil Disobedience.

3) I would like to second that, I think that supporting Disobedience is a great idea. Let’s do it.

4) I want to say that at the Civil Disobedience, I think that we can do a lot by not getting arrested. We can do this right. The people who dont’ want to get arrested, don’t get arrested.

5) I support this idea. I have one caution. The last several raids we’ve had… this is going to invite a raid. I worry that this will intimidate people. I want to stay and be a thorn in their side from outside of their jail.

POC: We have no infrastructure, but people can get clubbed in the head.

6) I believe that it’s true about our infrastructure. We can keep doing this, if you can’t get arrested, do something else. Do what you can do to draw attention to bring up the fact that our rights are being suppressed.

7) I think we should fill one of the tents with helium balloons and float them all over here.

8) On Thursday morning at 2 AM, a man in a wheel chair was arrested here. He was hooded. He was hog-tied. We captured it on film. That man was abused, he was harmed. He was released in an area that he was not familiar with miles from where he knew to go. That man is not free.

9) I came from Oakland. If you’re going to be arrested, do not be drunk or stoned. If you’re fucked up you aren’t going to be helping, you will be discredited.

10) My fellow americans… reads the preamble to the Declaration of Independence. We also have 1st Amendment rights we can say “fuck”, we can say whatever we want . I’m a Veteran of the Vietnam war.

11) I disagree with what she has to say. The last time, a person was clubbed. A female protester was molested by a male officer. Our bodies are our property, our sacred property. I think that making them spend money like crazy.

12) you can’t be flexible unless we have a firm base. As a book said “fear is the mind’s enemy” There is a statement to be made here. Instead of being divisive we stand in solidarity wth them as a GA. Nothing has to be entirely concrete about how we interact with the establishment. That’s the fun part! It’s creativity, art of the mind.

13) I was here when the man came back from being arrested. He had the shit kicked out of him for sure. You hae to get past this parking lot if you can’t stay awake. I think the man was made an example of. If you’re going to be on guard duty don’t fall asleep.

Blocker: I have been sleeping here, this is clearly a decision that effects the whole group. It’s a fait accomplit

POI: I understand that you have a point that we stand in solidarity of the action, I think that you (blocker) have a problem with the process, not the action. I wonder if we can make this a seperate issue.

Moderator: I think that we should talk about this. I would like to hear from the people that agree with the blockers dissent.

Stack in agreement with Blocker

1)I agree that this process has been misused. Maybe we say, if we agree on this, we make a statement that this does not happen again that this is not the process.

2) Brian says that this sets a dangerous precedent, but this isn’t true. We had actions like this in the past. This would be the second time this happened. I support tents, but I don’t like the way this was done. The procedure is rather question to say the least. When the issue comes up both the substance and procedure need to be satisfied.

Blocker) I knew about the tents the last time they came  . I knew what was happening, and I didn’t speak up and I think that was wrong. If somebody wants to set up tents here, on most nights I will be here to document that, but there is a difference between when this happens with my consent or not. I don’t think this would have a hard time

Stack opened for support of block:

I’m here for civil disobedience, we’re here for this, I think that we can help eachother out. Even if they did brought in 100 balloons.

We clearly support the action, but we don’t agree with the process, we are supposed to follow the process and bring this up in the GA if we’re all going to be affected by this. We know that the DHS is organizing against us. We can either support it or not support it but we should add the caveat that the process needs to be followed. We should say that this is the last time that this happens in this way. If the media is giving an official statement we should have discussed this in GA.

We don’t have to get on board, but we can support it. We don’t have to consense to this, but it’s happening.

If the cops are going to move in here they’re going to move in here. We can’t be afraid. I’ve got you’re back no matter what and I’ll be here tomorrow filming. We shouldn’t be scared of being raided. What’s there to be scared of? It’s 3 hots and a cot.

Was this a part of Direct Action?


The middle class women coming out here and putting up tents. I remember someone saying that right after it rained, the middle class women wre going to set up tents but it got postponed. They were going to set up tents and get arrested, now they’re going to do it tomorrow.

Press-releaser: I’ve been in contact with the middle class women, they’re the ones who suggested we do the Adopt an Occupier. They have said that they want to come in here and do this.

These people have been supporting us, they have been supporting us. This isn’t anything new.

POI: This is about the Press Release. The wording of the release is what’s at issue.

Blocker: I am blocking because this decision, which affects the group as a whole, and follows decisions that individuals have made that affect the whole have made in the past. These things affect the group as a whole.

Blocker)  I would amend this if… they came down at 6 PM.

Amendment: Let’s say that we support this Direct Action, with the caveat that they need to bring this to GA before they use OSD on press releases in the future.

Blocker Amendment: Statement of Appreciation as opposed to statement of solidarity.

This is going to keep happening. People are going to want to come down here and continue to take Direct Action without GA consensus. Lots of people will do Actions in the name of Occupy, and the issue is whether or not we stand in solidarity with them. That’s being blocked because it effects everybody and didn’t go to GA. Maybe we should table.

The concern is that if we give them solidarity, what’s to stop the next group of people from deciding on something that effects everybody and rushing it through the GA?

It is important that covert actions are a part of the Occupation. If we openly discuss a covert operation where we’re going to do things we cannot always bring them to the GA. I empathize with the process problems but there are some things that need to not be brought up

The organizers felt that the coverage is what is important in this case.

There is a post on Facebook that this is a cover-up. There are parts of this that are difficult to get people together on this.

My point is that the occupation means that it is an on-going demonstration. I’m saying demonstrate. It is about non-violence etc. I think as long as it follows

My block is in solidarity with the principles of the movement, I think this proposal is a rejection of this principles of the movement.

What part about it violated the principles of the movement.

The whole idea of consensus process isn’t that we come to the GA to ask for permission it’s that decisions that affect the movement in a negative we be addressed. Blocks are for things that you think affect the message.

I think this process is bad. I would have a different attitude if this were the first time, but it isn’t.

Issue Tabled

Computer shut down due to end of Battery Life @ approx 9:15

Day 51 11/26/2011

Day 50 11/25/2011

Day 49 11/24/2011

Day 48 11/23/2011

GA REPORT November 23

I. Committee Announcements

1. Logistics- Please Label things that are yours if you are placing them down at the civic center so logistics can tell he difference between donations and your stuff.

2. Negotiations- a. Committee met with city council representatives Marty Emerald and Todd Gloria and the Occupy Architects Organization. Occupy Architects put together a drawing of what a re-occupied space would look like.

b. Negotiations committee went to Occupy Oakland. They ran a very effective GA.

c. Negotiations met with the democratic party. The national democratic party supports occupy San Diego and urges democrats on the city council to support us too.

3. Finance- a. Thank you Middle Class Matrons for donating food and clothing to OccupySD!

b. Adopt an Occupier. Middle Class Matrons is starting the Adopt an Occupier program to get to know individual occupiers. They will donate things to you if you get involved. Contact
for more information.

c. Every night the finance committee will announce the person holding the cash box at GA.

4. Food- Food needs the contact info for full time occupiers so that the food committee knows who to contact to receive food donations. Please contact Tracy Odman
cell: 760-840-9610.

5. Global Solidarity Committee- Show solidarity with the rest of the world.

6. Education- Teach-ins all day on Sundays.

7. Outreach- **REPORT**
Knock for an Occupation was a success. 26 people were convinced to support OccupySD.  400 signatures were gathered on a petition to support Occupy SD.

II. Proposals

1. Rename “Thanksgiving” to “Thanks-taking”
a. amended to “cultural appreciation day.”
b. amended to not include this in the press release
c. amended to “banks and sharing day”
Motion was not passed.

2. The 12/12 Port Shutdown. What time should we do it?
More information needed on when Oakland is doing it so we can stand in solidarity with them.
No motion passed.

3. Peace Keeper Proposal
Summary: A set of guidelines be adopted for peacekeepers from the Safety committee. These include maintaining the peace, encouraging the “good neighbor policy,” protecting the community from the police, stopping people from engaging in criminal behavior. Peacekeepers must rely on non-violent methods only, they must not interfere with freedom of speech. Each peacekeeper will be approved by GA.
a. Amended to allow committees to approve peacekeepers instead of GA

Motion was not passed. Reason given: Legal needs to look at the language of the proposal concerning “protection from police.”

Day 47 11/22/2011

Day 46 11/21/2011

Day 45 11/20/2011

Day 44 11/19/2011

Day 43 11/18/2011

I.                 Education Announcment

Civil disobedience training will be held off site.

This Saturday, Nov 19th, 1pm – 4pm and

Next Tuesday, Nov 22nd , 6pm – 9pm

If you plan to attend, please RSVP at

Address is 3850 West Gate Place 92105

II.               Direct Action

2 Events

1.      1. Occupy Foreclosed Homes

Attention: Free Housing! Direct Action Committee needs volunteers to actually live in a foreclosed home. They also need volunteers to help clean up the place and make it livable.

2.      2. Buy Nothing Day! Black Friday on November 25th is now Buy Nothing Day! Please Volunteer to protest at Walmart. Meet DA for more details.

Meet direct action committee at Civic Center Plaza at 3:00pm on Sat Nov 19

III.              Legal Announcement

There will be a court hearing on November 22nd on a temporary restraining order against the San Diego Police Department for Occupy SD. It will be in Courtroom 4 of the State Superior Court on Broadway Street at 8:30am. Arrive early!

Day 42 11/17/2011

Upcoming events as of November 17th

I. Announced by Outreach

  1. Occupy Your Corner- Description

Occupy Your Street Corner starts this Wednesday and any Wednesday after that, during your break, lunch break, between dr appointments, in front of your hospital, grocery store, post office, or neighborhood corner, wherever!

Just make a sign that says what you want to see changed in the world followed by (or the appropriate occupy near you) so people can get more info. Then hold your sign up wherever you are for however long you can. Take 10 minutes out of your day to hold a sign. Or a 1/2 hour…or 2 hours…. or 2 days. Occupy on your breaks, during lunch with the rest of us, or whenever you can wherever you can.

Occupy your Street Corner on your lunch break, wherever you are, for however long you can, all over Phoenix and beyond. This idea brought to you by the universe (it started on livestream and was brought up by 3 people separately on and offline as well…. so it sounds like some synchronicity we should follow up on)

  1. Rise and Decolonize- Description



San Diego, CA, Friday, November 18, 2011 at 5:00 PM – All Peoples Revolutionary Front coalition organizes a rally to claim their spaces as people of color within the Occupy Movement. When we imagine decolonization, we do not make demands of those in power or those who are behind Occupy movements; we create power and frame the alternative.

The All Peoples Revolutionary Front is not an organizing body of Occupy San Diego or of any the Occupy movements across the United States. Because this land has endured centuries of colonial conquest and domination at the expense of Indigenous peoples, APRFront cannot promote or endorse the concept of occupation. APRFront’s engagement with Occupy movements or attendance at their demonstrations serve the purposes of claiming space for communities of color and articulating the movement to decolonize on a local and global scale.

We continue to observe brutality in the legacy of capitalism, a system that relied upon the enslavement of African and Caribbean peoples, the genocide and displacement of Indigenous peoples, and the violent seizure of lands for colonial profit. Economic exploitation of labor and resources is only one process of continuing colonization that disproportionately impacts communities of color and third world peoples. APRFront envisions intersectional and comprehensive social justice that extends beyond limited narratives of class conflict. Struggles for self-determination have been waged for centuries by our ancestors before us, and will continue through the descendants who follow us.

In the strength of “making our own power”, All Peoples Revolutionary Front has organized our own National Call to Action titled “Rise & Decolonize! Let’s Get Free” on November 18, 2011 at 5:00 pm. We invite all those who have a genuine willingness to engage and listen to attend our solidarity rally and become an ally to people of color in continuing the work of decolonization.

We welcome other communities of color to organize in solidarity with us on November 18th to affirm the decolonization of all Occupy Movements.

  1. Knock for an Occupation

In our continued effort to find a sustainable space for Occupy San Diego, we realize that outreach and public support are key! So we at Canvass for a Cause are doing what we know best: canvassing! We need YOU to join us!

You will be joining us as we do both street and door-to-door outreach to talk to the public about what the Occupy movement fights for, why it’s important, and how they can get involved!

We will be collecting petitions to support a resolution in the City Council to support a space (online petition here: ) and asking supporters to write letters to their Council Member, to donate, and to facilitate teach-ins.

Not sure you can talk about the issues? Don’t worry! We will have a training w/ coffee and friendly faces at the Civic Center, as well as a script with talking points and QUESTIONS that people have to think and respond to… this model is very successful and has given us a 38% persuasion rate on gay rights issues!

This is the best way to support our occupation: getting more people involved and clarifying our message to the public!

This Saturday we will be canvassing door-to-door in Hillcrest and street canvassing in downtown.

Our hope is that this will continue to other neighborhoods after this Saturday. We’d eventually love to see a multi-lingual canvassing day.

Don’t Miss the first “Knock 4 Occupy!”
Saturday, November 19th
10:00am at the Civic Center Plaza!

  1. Immortal Technique

Saturday November 19th at Porters Pub at UCSD
9500 Gilman Drive, La Jolla, CA, 92093

8 PM

Immortal Technique real name Felipe Coronel was born on 19th February, 1978 in Lima, Peru and was raised in Harlem, New York. Immortal Technique is an hip hop artist and political activist, his lyrics focus on socio-political issues. The views expressed in his lyrics are largely a mixture of commentary on issues such as poverty, religion, and racism. He also focuses on the harsh resulting realities of criminality in the housing projects of New York

Occupy San Diego Needs volunteers for flyering!

II. Projects Announced by Direct Action

  1. Occupy Foreclosures
  2. Direct Action at Walmart

Direct Action committee meets at 5:30 at the civic center plaza. Attend the committee to get involved in these projects.

III. Announcement from “Us” committee

November 25th is Black Friday. Let’s make it Holiday Shopping Transfer Day. Tell everyone to stand in solidarity with the occupy movement by shopping at small mom and pop shops instead of large mega-stores. Support local small businesses this holiday season!

IV. Announcement from Food

We need food.

V. Announcement from Finance

Reminder to Media: Please get the DONATE button back up on the regular occupySD websites.

Day 41 11/16/2011

Day 40 11/15/2011

Day 39 11/14/2011

General Assembly 11/14/11

7:00 PM

Lisa and Alien Moderating.

Lisa: Alien would like to start tonight’s GA with an announcement:

Alien: WE are all stupid  “blanks”, so look to your left, and look to your right and give eachother a hug, because at least we a stupid “blanks” together.

Lisa: A few people would like to make some announcements right away:

Quakers :

San diego monthly meeting of Quakers believes govt should be responsive to protests. Disturbed by wealth distribution. Hebrew scriptures are in favor of wealth for humanity, not business. Occupy is against neglect of human needs, corruption by corporate powers. We ask that people notice how many people have joined- this is a sign of the deep human suffering that is currently happening.

Monty from service employees intl:

here as spokesperson from union committee that recently formed. Adopted a resolution to support OSD. Formed a committee to show support, and figure out how OSD & SEI can work together to have each party’s needs met. Want to propose, first of all, to get another multi-union rally and march about another month ago, specifically about cuts to Social Security, pensions, and public services. Also want to get info about GA and committee struct from E-blasts, hope to get the E-blasts forwarded to as many labor people as possible. Will be working with educaiton and outreach etc. in the future.

Moderator: We’re going to start today with an Open discussion mic to discuss why we individually occupy:

Stack 1: TY, you occupiers risk it, this place is going to be raided. There’s no question about it. There’re many people who want us to move, THEY would love it. I want demonstrations, I want courage from the people who can’t come down here and cant come march. I want to talk about strategy about what we’ll do when they do what they’re going to do.

Stack 2: I’m here b/c for the large majority of my life I’ve felt there was something wrong with the system as it was. Seeing the occupation, and that it was along the lines of what I had felt I couldn’t help it. We’ll make it through. As far as action, I think we should band together, get our friends together and have a massive show of civil disobedience.

Stack 3: B/c I want a better america. I grew up in the 50s and 60s, and I”ve seen a lot of changes. I’ve seen people unwilling to get things done, and I’ve seen people get off their butts and come to make a change. Want educaiton, want goverment to stop paying $500/ plate dinners, want change. I’m not going to back down. Police are woking for a crook.

Stack 4:  I came here w/in the last week, I am inspired by what I see. I am determined to give back and provide here. I live by this principle: Common sense, common decency, and common courtesyy, if they were not so gd uncommon, 90% of all the municipal codes, and laws would not be necessary, and the police would have to go work in donut shops. I like what I see here, I’m going to continue to be a part of it. I am committed to occupy, I am not just involved, the difference is a ham and eggs analogy…

Stack 5:  If we’re going to be raided again, it’s going to be AGAIN, and we’re going to come back, we will not leave. I occupy because I want to see real wages and real jobs again. Sick of seeing boarder patrol following me and being afraid. TIred of violence against women by the police. Wan to make changes.

Stack 6: I don’t come often, as often as I can. I admire everrything that everyonne has done here.I’ve been thirsting for this for years, watching the country fall into an abyss. I couldn’t fight it by myself, and you’ve brought me out. I’m not here to restore the glory of what America used to be I’m here because we could do BETTER. THe 1% take resources that should be shared, they don’t work harder than the people who work in a field. I don’t have much time left in this world, I’ve seen changes (women’s movement, Vietnam war, etc) … they still don’t count maternal death in any tangible way. THe people from across the border get their family and lives just thrown away by the 1%

Stack 7: I’ve been asked this question a lot. I occupy to stand in solidarity with ows, but also because here, we have created, and are creating a mecca of activism, we are able to impact so many things throughout the area. We pose a real political threat to the city council, the mayor, etc. We are challenging their status quo. Out of here we can change San Diego. THere’s a huge disconnect between what the powers that be do, and what the people actually want. That’s what we can remedy here.

Stack 8: Basically I’m not happy wth the way the country is, and I want to get corporations out of government. WHat I did not come here for, which is something I’ve been fighting for since the arrests is fight for my 1st amendment rights. I think we should concentrate on what we came here to do, not fighting for 1st amendment rights.

Stack 9: SF/Oakland protester feels hopeful about being here and realizing that this is a global movement. I occupy for my mother who makes $8/hour and gets done with work and marches for 2 hours in Chicago.

Stack 10: I’ve been waiting and living for this. I grew up watching a lot of Robin Hood. I’m glad to be part of the generation that feels that they are part of a global community… I really love people, I’m sick of the plundering of our planet. I don’t care how rich people want to be but when it’s at the expense of the planet, and people are starbing I can’t be okay with that. Have been to TJ occupy, hoping to do it again, this time with too many people to arrest.

Stack 11: I’m tired of the people who have the upper hand taking from those of us who don’t have anything. THey’ve taken my gov’t check, they’ve taken my life. I joined the marine corps to better myself in the 70s. They say they’re here to protect and serve, but they’re here to protect and serve their crooked boss… let’s show them what we can do.

Stack 12; former business owner, former marine, joined to make a difference in the world. THis government tears the guts out of our education system, it started a long time ago. Corporations are fleecing our population. THey’ve taken over our minds…. I joined the marine corps becuase there were no options. I’m here because they miseducate our children, send them across the world thinking that they’re going to do good. I want change, we voted for it. We have the right to be here. Municipal codes do not take precedence over the Constitiution. Look it up it’s called the supremacy clause. The constitution doesn’t define assembly. My tent is a statement! Sleeping is a  statement! These are part of what this movement is!

Mod: thank you for particapating in that experiment it went really well

Mod: We move on to committee updates.

Education News/ Update:

32 people in…. arreessted , Vermont campsite considered a crime scene, legal aid to mayor resigned in protest.

Portland- kicked out, badges covered.

“1000s will come back

Singer at official ceremony for…. hired to entertain heads of state in Hawaii is an Occupier and sings occupier songs for 45 minutes.

Syria has been occupying for ?45? days now., members of the Arab League have kicked syria out due to their actions against protesters

Education will be getting a camera and will be posting teach-ins online.

Finance: Explanation of Finance committee’s money request form. Chris from finances committee will tell you more about how to fill that out, make sure to itemize it. FIgure out how much money you need BEFORE you ask for it, find the thing you want, figure out where you’ll buy it find out how much it is and THEN bring the request to finances.

Safety: Looking for people to act as peacekeepers. Nominate Alien. Need to think about where we will meet again if we get raided.

Point of Clarification: If we get raided we meet back here as soon as possible.

**Talk about peacekeepers

Mod: Hey there’s a microphone, nobody talk at once, everybody talk at once.

Direct Action: There’s a city council meeting. Going up there right now would be a great direct action. Mention of Nov 17 Action to occupy Clairemont Bridge at 4:00 PM.

Us (24/7 Occupiers): Hi thank you.

** If there’s a copwatch, it should mean “Media watch” not rush the cops. Come and take pictures of the action, don’t rush the police.

** We the occupiers would appreciate some form of media here, many of us don’t even have phones, we could at least use a camera.

** When people give us donations we should acknowledge them somehow. I have these things, (Cards) someone from art committee come talk to me (Alexis).

** Storage bins would be great for getting people out of here should there be a raid and for storage.

** The lockbox is great, except sometimes we definitely don’t have any water, and we don’t have any money so some kind of compromise there would be great.

Outreach:  Tomorrow we’ll be in solidarity with Berkeley. Tomorrow there will be members flyering the campuses about that. Thursday there will be an action on the Clairemont bridge, we could use more info. There’s a native american month event here on the 18th. We should think of something to do with them.

Art: Art, aka me, is making dogtags for everybody who’s part of occupy. If you want one contact me, Saratoga, I’ll need your name and what you want the second tag to say, and I’ll get one made for you free of charge.

Agenda item:

1) List of rules for camping:

can somebody run and get the 24 hour occupiers over here?

We’ll start again then.

2) Facilitation proposal:

Have a master email for each committee, kept in the binders here, so that everybody who comes in here knows how to get in contact with members from the committees. It will be stored in the appropriate committee binder.


Back to agenda item 1

List of rules for camping:

24 hour occupiers would like to see this enforced

1) We ask that you keep your stuff ready to move at the drop of a hat.

2) We don’t care what you do, take it around the corner, not in house. Fighting, drugs, drinking, sex, etc. Keep it on the down low. We are watched day and night.

3)Don’t touch other people’s property unless it is necessary to move it.

4) Clean up your own area every day, be a good neighbor and pick up after the slobs. Don’t take this as an excuse to be lazy if you see somebody litterinng put them on BLAST. (let everyone know)

5)Please do not steal. That is the last thing we need. We have been robbed by the 1% already, we do not need to take from eachother.

6) Be Very Respectful to everyone because we are all one.

7)Quit wasting food

We are setting the example for eachother and for generations to come.

If you see somebody littering put them on blast!

Q: what if you see somebody smoking a bowl?

A: Smoke it with them…  AROUND THE CORNER!

Q: I agree but I have questions..

A: IN that case we’ll open stack.

Mod: stack open for 2 minutes.

Stack 1:Q: why are we doing this instead of the good neigbor policy? How will we enforce it?

A: because the other one was less specific, because it encourages the respect we lack. There’s no enforecement, these are house rules.

Stack 2: Q: HOw will we let the other people over there know?

A: We’re HERE! We’ll make a big poster board and post it.

Stack 3: This will not be enforced, I sleep here sometimes, try to anyway. Even teh “Peacekeepers” get drunk and don’t keep the peace. They get drunk instead. As a person who has a job and goes to school the midnight quiet time is a good thing, because I have to drink a bunch of coffee and espresso

Proposer: We already have a good neighbor policy, we spend more time coming up with rules but no time enforcing them. Spending time coming up with rules that aren’t followed, is a waste unless you are enforcing it or making it happen in some way. Let’s not make any more rules unless we’ll have a way to enforce it.

Stack 4: THe Good Neighbor Policy was passed through in such a jumbled way that people didn’t bother to really address it, these rules more reflect things that people will actually do, and it’s specific to here.

Stack 5: Better than good neighbor–system of encouuragement. Could work out. … It’s about consideration

Proposer: Guidelines, not rules, Re-reads guidelines. Bottom line we are setting the example for the future generations.

…. Lost notes due to computer battery failure…

Still on topic of “rules for camping”

1 Block: Amendment: Add “be respectful of night-time hours so people can sleep”

Tabled for reworking until tommorrow.

City Council Report from Mike Garcia:

Wanted to speak about as many topics as possible to increase Occupy’s amount of time on the floor.

1 Subject:: Continuance of Aug 6, 2002 resolution declaring a State of Emergency in San Diego due to severe shortage of affordable housing. After 9 years, a state of emergency becomes a state of Normalcy. A State of Emergency is declared for one reason: To ask the Federal Gov’t for money!

Today the city council resolved to adopt the “Keys to Housing” plan or “toolbox” to end homelessness by 2020. Plan is basically to make a website. This is the fourth or fifth of this type of project since 2002, each projecting further into the future than the last. EG the 2002 equivalent of the “keys to housing” plan planned on ending homelessness by 2005.

(**Secretary’s note: The “keys to housing” addresses only homelessness among families with children, mentions nothing about individuals or childless couples. Thus making the homelessness problem appear smaller than it really is.)

Mike wanted to speak on this topic at city council today, however didn’t get floor time, and was instead put on the record as being in favor of it, he is not in favor of it.

Does not appear that we will get anywhere with CIty Council.

Best action may be to re-occupy the square.

Agenda Item 3:

March-ins proposed from Direct Action Committee. A march in is a march + a teach-in.

The idea is that we take our model public, show people what we do.

First suggested march-in is Dec. 9 for the arraignment of those who have been arrested. The idea is to work with March, outreach, media and outreach to telegraph the event, get the word out, be well-organized, and have it well publicized.


Stack 1: The arraignment is going to be at 1:30 PM on Dec.9. The court adjourns from 12:30 to 1:30, let’s do it then.

Proposer: Yes.

Consensus– There will be a “march-in” on 12/9 at the Hall of Justice at 12:30. Meet-up time before the march to be disclosed.

Personal Announcements:

Howard read a letter by a woman from Wisconsin in support of Occupy.

** Rebecca will be moderator tomorrow.

Day 38 11/13/2011

Day 37 11/12/2011

Day 36 11/11/2011

Day 35 11/10/2011

Day 34 11/09/2011

Day 33 11/08/2011

Day 32 11/07/2011

Day 31 11/06/2011

Day 30 11/05/2011

Day 29 11/04/2011

Day 28 11/03/2011

Day 27 11/02/2011

Day 26 11/01/2011

Day 25 10/31/2011

Day 24 10/30/2011

Day 23 10/29/2011

Day 22 10/28/2011

Day 21 10/27/2011

Day 20 10/26/2011

Day 19 10/25/2011

Day 18 10/24/2011

Day 17 10/23/2011

Day 16 10/22/2011

Day 15 10/21/2011

Day 14 10/20/2011

Day 13 10/19/2011

Day 12 10/18/2011

Day 11 10/17/2011

Day 10 10/16/2011

Day 9 10/15/2011

Day 8 10/14/2011

Day 7 10/13/2011

Day 6 10/12/2011

Day 5 10/11/2011

Day 4 10/10/2011

Day 3 10/09/2011

Day 2 10/08/2011

Day 1 10/07/2011

[No GA – Introduction Night: Meet your new neighbors]

Planning Meeting Minutes

Day 0 10/06/2011

Moderator: Abraham R.
Secretary: Nick G.
did not catch names for timekeeper & stack

Open 7:15 pm: Moderator reads prepared statement, suggesting divisive issues be left aside in the interest of unity.

Announcement of previous night’s decision to keep temporary/secondary campsite transparent.
Ray L. proposes keeping original site — Embarcadero Marina Park near USS Midway.
Melissa proposes Children’s Park.
Ray withdraws his proposal in support of Melissa’s.
MOTION PASSED 7:25ish pm: to designate Children’s Park (aka “Mario Land”) on Island Ave. between Front St. & 1st Ave. as temporary/secondary campsite.

Man on PR committee proposes apology to Jewish congregation for schedule conflict.

John K. proposes that march times be specified.
Proposed & discussed: Saturday 10/8/11 1pm march time.
Proposal amended: 4pm march, not 1pm.
MOTION PASSED 7:35 pm: to march from Children’s Park to the Civic Center at 4pm on Saturday 10/8/11.

7:40 pm: Committee Reports

1. Legal Committee Report
On 10/5/11, the legal committee convened the police liaison group and met with Lt. Angel Rosario to discuss potential conflicts. He was able to provide us with the following assurances:
– Police plan on accommodating, not arresting unless for safety reasons.
– Tent usage approved. Tarp usage provisionally approved, on condition they be secured so as not to blow away in windy situations.
– “Porta Potties” approved, given that there are enough people to require them.
– Noise will not be a problem since we are not occupying a residential area.
– Not aware of any mask rules on the books.
The following points did not reach a resolution:
– A private security firm guards Horton Plaza; liaison group requested to be put in contact with them.
– Liaison group requested removal of undercover police officers from GA and were told “We’ll get back to you.”
Legal committee requests the following item be added to the agenda: what info the police liaisons are allowed to share with police.
Adrian announces legal observer training will take place after the meeting.

2. Food Committee Report
Picked up 3 large bread boxes from a La Jolla bakery(didn’t catch name).
Getting citrus, oranges, peanut butter for sandwiches. A local university is bringing rice, beans, and some stir-fry.
Needs: camping stoves, propane, tables, volunteers.
Everyone advised to bring own eating utensils, plates/”tupperware” etc.

3. Education Committee Report
They have, and also ask everyone to bring more of, books, thumb drives, DVDs, you wouldn’t mind losing. If you would prefer getting them back write your name and contact info inside, but no guarantees it’ll come back.
Teach-ins: need teachers. Email Kim at, or post in Education group on
Marisel(sp?) & Kim will soon be posting teach-in events, which will be vetted for inclusivity.
Holly will read statement of inclusivity later.

4. Arts & Entertainment Committee Report
An electronic band canceled due to acoustic-only restrictions.
Acquired band booking assistance from professional booking agent for several downtown venues. He advised that from his experience with police, instruments must be kept acoustic but voices may be amplified through a PA. If you have a particularly quiet acoustic instrument, they’ve never seemed to object to running it through a PA alongside the vocals, as long as overall decibel limits are not exceeded.
Candles 4 Less donated 1000 candles for candlelight ceremony to be held shortly after sunset on Fri. 10/7/11.
Yoga instruction is scheduled for Saturday morning, then later a dance troupe, and Todo Mundo will play in the evening.
The Monopoly board probably won’t be done until Saturday, Mike needs help with making stencils and spray-painting. Marisel donated space to paint.
Antonia Davis with the San Diego Puppet Insurgency is donating a backdrop. The SDPI is also bringing their Gandhi & Martin Luther King, Jr. puppets and will do street performances on Sunday.
Hal trained people to be Peace Monitors tonight before GA.

5. GA Process Committee Report
Abel requests addition to agenda: nailing down GA process for tomorrow.

6. Medical Committee Report
Street medic training was given.
Medical is subdivided into 2 subcommittees: a stationery clinic and mobile street medics.
There will be street medic training tomorrow at 3pm in Children’s Park.

7. Sanitation Committee Report
Urgently requests help.
Received 1st box of garbage bags.
There will be three types of receptacles: General Waste, Recycling, and Compost.
If you want any compost, pick it up before night time as it will probably have to be thrown into General Waste nightly.
Need two trucks, one to make runs to Old Town Recycling, one for general trash.
Need trash collectors to roam campsite in shifts.
Need to finalize a waste destination, preferably cheaper than $38 per truckload.
The non-profit that dumps park trash cans was contacted. We are to discourage people from using the regular trash cans, as no more than 2 overflows a day will be picked up free.
Boxes for trash are being put together Friday 10/7/11.
Moderator adds item to agenda: discuss daily group-wide trash pick-up times.
Art & Entertainment Committee has made signs for different receptacles.
Jason has volunteered to help oversee composting.

8. Media/PR Committee Report
Plan to film tomorrow, but probably won’t be livestreamed right away.
Need internet connection.
Request modem donation. Verizon charges $25/hr to stream video.
Point raised to search for local WiFi to use.
A battery-powered PA is available, as well as a plug-in.
A 1000-watt generator is coming.
Channel 10 is coming tonight.
KUSI is coming tomorrow at 8:45 am, all welcome to attend.
Candlelight ceremony agreed to be held at 7pm to start GA on Fri. 10/7/11, so that media can be informed to cover it.

9. Outreach Committee Report
Bilingual fliers are available.

10. Comfort Committee Report
not present

11. Security Committee Report
Will be providing security during the march, after coordinating with the March committee about the route.

12. Resources Committee Report
An Amazon wish list will allow online supporters to make donations of needed supplies.
Checks and money orders are to be sent back to donors, as we agreed at previous GA to accept food, supplies, items/goods, gift cards, but not money.
The point was raised that we should search for a non-profit book-keeping agency to provide free/paid bookkeeping services.


– Sanitation pick-up times. Quincey shares that NYC asks everyone at 8am & 8pm to pick up all trash around them in at least a 2-foot radius. Toast suggests 11pm. Secretary suggests three times a day. Moderator suggests that they correspond to mealtimes.
MOTION PASSED 8:38 pm: to designate trash pick up times three times a day.

– Discussion of dinner, candlelight ceremony, and GA scheduling.
MOTION PASSED 8:41 pm: to eat at 6pm, and begin GA at 7pm with the candlelight ceremony.

– Discussion of trust issues.

– Discussion of police liaison duties. What can they tell the police? Route/destination?
MOTION PASSED (time not noted): to allow police liaisons to tell police about GA decisions reached by GA consensus.

– GA Process discussion. Terms defined. Consensus: unanimous agreement. Proposal: made up of 3 parts. What, Why, How. After making a proposal, discuss and stack. Make a motion to vote on proposal. However many blocks there are, they share their viewpoint, followed by the same number of “aye” voters sharing theirs. Vote a second time. If no consensus, break into small groups for discussion. Vote a third time. If still no consensus, set aside as the first topic of the next day’s agenda. Proposal and discussion of amendment to allow for a super-majority 90% or 99% consensus, in case of 3 days of obstruction/standstill on a given topic. Unable to reach consensus on amendment, dropped and suggested to reconsider later if necessary.
MOTION PASSED (time not noted): to establish GA process as outlined above.
Progressive stack?
MOTION PASSED (time not noted): to call it simply “stack” not “progressive stack” but to allow stackers to use progressive stack methods at will.
Role of moderator defined: to clarify proposals, statements, and opinions. Allowed to share personal opinions briefly and not too often, while “taking off moderator hat” so as not to be perceived as authoritarian.
Stack 5 minutes unless more time requested and consensed upon. Open discussion 10 minutes unless more time requested and consensed upon. If not consensed, stack closed.
MOTION PASSED 10:19 pm: GA Facilitator Positions defined as rotating daily: moderator, secretary, stacker, timekeeper, peacekeeper.

– Statement of Inclusivity read, consensus not reached. Deferred to Fri. 10/7/11 GA meeting.

Fri. 10/7/11 GA meeting facilitators:
Moderator: Andreas
Secretary: Abraham
Stacker(s): Katie, w/ James as second if necessary.
Time-keeper: Jessica
Peace-keeper: Winston

MOTION PASSED to adjourn GA meeting at 11:05 pm.

Date Unknown:

These speakers have been consensed upon in GA meetings:

Sunday, 10/2 7pm

Know Your Rights info talk (30 mins speaking, 30 mins questions)

Adriane, NLG

Tuesday, 10/4 20 minutes

Frank will talk about being arrested

Wednesday, 10/5 8pm

Non-Violent Communication seminar

Michele, NVC trainer

These will take place at our normal meeting location, 1st & Island.

10/2/11 OSD Planning Meeting Minutes

Moderator: Frank (OB Rag)
Secretary: Abraham R.

Open 7:04 pm: Moment of silence (didn’t catch why)

Occupy Tijuana announced for October 8th (date uncertain, didn’t get to talk to representative)

GA Sign Language Review

Committee Report, Security: Toast Presenting
Security has been divided into 2 divisions
Internal Security will be responsible for camp equipment and public safety inside the camp.
External Security will act as a barrier/liaison with police and other authorities.
A third division has been suggested for information running, though this task may be taken on by the Media or Outreach teams
Some security (including myself, Abe R.) will be attending a protest on Wed the 5th @ the Civic Center in support of the United Taxi Workers of San Diego (union) and to get a feel for the space for security purposes. 3pm to 6pm.

Committee Report, Education: Dave Presenting
Request made for more information/books/videos relating to civil disobedience, civil rights and other related topics.
Education Station announced for the occupation day and beyond. A table will be set aside for this committee to continue in educating the public of their rights all during the occupation.

National Lawyers Guild: Know Your Rights, Teach In.
Adrian (last name didn’t catch) presented a detailed report on how to address police concerns and requests. (I hope someone got this on video, far to much for me to write all down)

Question period runs overlong.
MOTION: Return to agenda = Failed Consensus (roughly 2/3 for, 1/3 against)

MOTION: We as a group do not condone nor encourage illegal actions. = Failed Consensus (roughly 90% for, 10% against)

L.A. Report: Abel from Legal Presenting
October 1st occupation a success with over 2,000 people attending the march!
Outreach strongly encouraged.

Committee Report, Music & Arts Media
Album planned
Art & artists requested
Canvas Monopoly Board a go and production has begun.

Committee Report, Media/PR: Gordon Presenting
youtube channel for occupysd UP and running
tumbler channel for occupysd UP and running
redit for occupysd UP and running
podcasting planned
Language think-tank planned for media PR group to release more positive press statements and other outgoing media.

Committee Report, Music & Arts Media (again)
Performances of music and performance art planned for marches and occupation day.

Security Committee Request: Overflow location for people requested if not enough can fit into the C.C. Plaza. Deferred to Logistics, as logistics is already supposed to be looking into as many alternate sites as possible anyhow.

Committee Report, Resources:
NEEDS LISTS NEEDED!!! All committees should turn in a list of needed materials in to the Resource Committee. If they don’t know what you want then you wont get it!
Gift cards (food, gas, water, etc…) or requested equipment preferred donation instead of money.

Committee Report, Outreach: Genesa Presenting
Some talk of a march Thu the 6th. G.A. showed disapproval and a desire to save resources for Fri the 7th.
MOTION: March Friday into Civic Center together = PASSED
MOTION: To meet @ “Mario Land”/Children’s Park before 4:30pm on Oct 7th = PASSED
MOTION: To march @ 4pm from “Mario Land” to C.C. = PASSED
Taxi Union announcement of their march October 5th to the C.C.

Committee Report, Communication: site UP and running. This includes a social media aspect.

Committee Report, Food: Toast Presenting
Some new sources of food have been found. (little detail)

Committee Report, Medical:
Medical now 2 teams.
Resource Medical, dedicated to finding medical resources and materials.
Active Medical, dedicated to performing medical functions at the occupation site.
(these are my names for these groups as Medical Com did not specify names for these teams)

Committee Report, Comfort:
Resources coming together. Potentially 2 or 3 Recreational Vehicles (RVs) will be available to us for storage, restrooms, relaxation/recovery space.

Committee Report, Orientation: Donna
Orientation video of tonight’s orientation meeting to be uploaded. G.A. Process Committee requested this not be done as a new GA process is being implemented tomorrow (the3rd). This new process will most likely be video taped and uploaded on the night of the 3rd.

Committee Report, General Assembly Process: Alyssa Presenting
New Process for the G.A. Proposed
MOTION: To implement new streamlined G.A. process procedure created by G.A.P.C. = PASSED

Proposal: To allow G.A. Process Committee to run tomorrow night’s G.A. to demonstrate new process. = PASSED

New GA Officer Voting:

New Moderator: Will of G.A. Process Committee

New Secretary: Alyssa of G.A. Process Committee

G.A. Moderator (Frank) requests any questions or comments. None forthcoming.

MOTION: To adjourn = PASSED

Meeting ended at 9:20pm

9/27/11  Meeting Minutes   OccupySan Diego Planning

Had some brief updates about Wall Street and why we were there

Went over hand signals and discussed having different moderator and different Secretary each meeting, with an agenda

Legal update– NLG rep – had his cell phone # in case we needed legal help

It was suggested we have safety briefing of what to do if cops approach us – we talked about it a little bit and came to a consensus that we will just leave if we are told and reconvene elsewhere

Went over teams – communication (within group), logistics(occupation location, Food, Medical, media, safety) finance, liaison, PR, Outreach

Other protests we can outreach at – Wed 9/27 Anti-corporation Alliance City Hall 8am            to march at 9am

wed 9/27 Marriage Equality City Attorney’s Office 4pm

Asked to participate Oct 15 rally scheduled for 6th and Grape

Came to a consensus that from now on if you have an event to bring to the group – bring it to the outreach group and they can announce during their briefing at the GA meeting

Discussed different locations for occupation – Horton Plaza, Balboa Park, Embarcadero, County Admin Building, Convention Center, Mobile

Group was split about voting on a place tonight or tabling it until tomorrow.  Came to consensus to give logistics team 24 hours to scout locations and vote tomorrow night after their reports.

It was suggested we discuss a sooner occupation date than the 7th. Came to consensus to keep Oct 7th date and table discussion until we pick a location

Suggested we choose a new spot for planning meetings – discussed some spots -came to consensus to stay at MLK for now

Suggested to add announcements to Agenda

Voted on secretary and moderator for next meeting

Broke out into groups for organization among groups

Next meeting 6pm at MLK Park at 1st and Harbor Drive

These notes are from September 27, 2011. They are taken from my chicken scratch at the logistics meeting and some corroboration with friends. Add on to them to include more. The GA notes have already been posted if you’re looking for them.

Points of Interest:

Locations & Presentation

Google Group


Security and Protest Type

Logistics has 24 hours to scout locations and report back to you. We have come up with a list of criteria we are looking for in each location. Each scout will relate whether the location they visit meets the item by item criteria or does not, make their recommendation, and open it up to comments. We will meet at 5:30 pm at 1st & Harbor to make sure everyone is ready to present.

Chicano Park was additionally suggested as a location, and will be scouted. We did not have any suggestions for private spaces.

We are in the process of making a google group (an email listserve) to facilitate conversation. Final decisions will not be made over email, instead discussions over email will be summarized in face to face interactions. Subcommittees may also have listserves at a point in the future.


Medical – To Maalox your eyes in case of pepper spray, fix cuts, bruises, and other situations

Education – To teach people how to interact with the law and media

Legal – To get in touch with lawyers who support OSD and other protests

Comfort – New! To provide as much comfort in our occupation as possible

Food – To organize and provide food and bev service

*These will probably need purpose and people updating

The lead on Comfort discussed getting a supply list going for what the group wants to be donated or bought with fundraiser money. Food and Medical will likely do the same.

Security/Protest Type

I talked with a few people about the confusion over the meeting spot, concerned that alternate locations had been given out because we were worried about police or intelligence finding the meet up. It seems that it was just a part of confusion that comes with setting up a group this size. People were positive about posting our meeting location in public places, including online. We then discussed briefly that if the main goal of OSD is non-violent civil disobedience, namely occupation, then we don’t need to worry as much about inside ears. We decided to take it up with the GA to be sure we interpreted the gathering correctly.

Time is of the essence and your involvement keeps this movement alive. Do what you can to promote Occupy San Diego, tell your friends and talk amongst each other!


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