Future Agenda/Proposals

To bring a new proposal to one of our decision-making bodies, follow the instructions to make facilitation happen. Thank you very much.

  1. Develop the Proposal: Proposals to the General Assembly can come from Working Groups, or, if it’s from an individual, through the crowd storming process. Any proposal from a Working Group should pass through the group’s consensus process before moving forward.
  2. Seek Relevant Input: In the case of requests for funding, groups are strongly encouraged to consult with the Finance Working Group before moving forward. Depending on the nature of the proposal, it might also be good to consult with Legal and/or any other Working Groups directly connected to the issue being discussed.
  3. Submits the Proposal to the General Assembly one day in advance: Get your proposal to Facilitation for posting on this site by emailing: osdfacilitation.ga@gmail.com. Facilitation holds no power to decide the merits of your proposal, only to assist you in getting it on the agenda.
  4. Present the Proposal. Check in with the moderator or a facilitator to notify them of your proposal. Present your proposal to the assembly at the assigned time on the agenda. Be prepared with a written copy of your proposal! Also, be prepared to respond to questions, concerns, and friendly amendments. If at any point in the process, it is clear that your proposal is not achieving consensus support within the assembly, you are encouraged to table the proposal and consider what, if any, changes could bring it closer to consensus. If you do this, a revised proposal should go through this process again starting at (1) above.


Note: The people posting proposals to this page are volunteers and do not dictate the content of the proposals. All viewpoints expressed here belong solely to the individuals and working groups that put each proposal forward.

1/27/12 Proposal for event in February, details to be provided at GA Events Committee Unknown pending
1/27/12 Proposal for event in February, details to be announced at GA Events Committee Unknown pending
1/27/12 Proposal from facilitation about keeping public planning legit Facilitation Committee None Pending
1/6/12 Discuss: Does OSD want to endorse Freddy & his affinity groups ballot initiatives? Freddy Un-known Tabled: Pending Reintroduction
1/3/12 Proposal: San Diego Clean Elections Ballot Initiative
Occupy Women Unknown Tabled: Pending Reintroduction

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