[Facilitator’s Note: This page was created because Finance requested their notes be posted on this site. It’s purpose and frequency of updates are entirely dependent on what Finance sends to Facilitation to post.]

You can find updated information from finance everyday here:

(Hopefully there will soon be a link to the check request form here.)

OSD Finance Committee requires committees requesting reimbursement to provide the following:

  1. Notes from the meeting where the proposed expense was consensed, attended by at least 3 committee members.
  2. Names and contact information for a minimum of 2 committee members, 1 of which can be the one presenting the request.

(Specific wording of the rest is not available at this time. We’ll get that from Finance ASAP and get it posted.)

Occupy San Diego Finance Committee Notes 1/21
Moderated by: Jaleesa Johnson

Agenda Items:
  1. Fundraising wrap-up: 
  • $1200 profit=GREAT but, we made more at the Ruby Room. Why? Because we sold a ton of T-shirts at the last fundraiser.
  • Some Occupiers were upset that they had to pay admission to the World Beat Center.
  • Most of the revenue is from the Occupiers, themselves.
  • Liquid Blue had a $150 cleaning fee. No bueno.
  • Next fundraiser will be at a bar, which is better–business/expense-wise.
  • Media/Finance should collaborate better, next time.
  • We should outreach to North County.
     2.  Free T-Shirt gimmick:
  • Donate [insert $ amount here], & get a free T-shirt OR Buy a T-shirt, another will be donated to an Occupier than cannot afford one.
  • Consensed fundraising proposal will be posted on the official OSD website.

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