The volunteers listed below are going to be the ones who will facilitate the OSD General Assembly on those specified dates.  If any reason you can’t make it on those days to facilitate the OS General Assembly, please let us know in person or message us here ahead of time. Thank you.


Facilitator.  Try to hold the process to empower all of our voices and make sure everyone feels good about what we’re doing.  Different Facilitators have different styles but the core process is mostly the same.

Minute Takers: Minute takers are the one who takes notes during General Assembly.  They also make sure that Facilitation Operational Group post this notes, so it’s available to the public as soon as possible.

Stack taker.  Make sure that we take the time to listen to each other.  I also make sure that traditionally marginalized or quiet voices are given priority.  We don’t to back-and-forth conversations at the GA.  Whatever you have to say, get my attention to get on stack.

Timekeeper.  Make sure that people are using the appropriate amount of time to discuss things.  Please be fair and don’t talk too much.  It helps to write out or think through your statement before you get the mic.

Stack greeter.  Help the stack keeper find people who want to talk.  I also like to help speakers craft their questions or concerns to be as clear and concise as possible.  I might find you to help you talk through your point before you share.

GA Tutors.  If you’re new to the GA, please wave used the point of process hand side to weave GA tutors over before you speak.  GA Tutors can help make sure that you are heard at the best time.  Also, if you have a point of process. They can help you communicate with the facilitator rather than address the GA.  And sometimes when one acts out of process I will let them know what happened so that the facilitator doesn’t have to address the mistake before the GA.

NOTE: The GA should be enjoyable, and not stressful.  We should talk like family and not argue.  WE will do our best to make sure that people are compassionate and comfortable.

01/10/2012 Ben K. 
01/09/2012  Will J.  Ben K. Melissa, Cheryl  Cheryl Melissa
01/08/2012 Johnny N.  Jaleesa Michael,Cheryl Rea  Michael
01/07/2012 P.J.  Holly  Michael Ria Amir
01/06/2012 Hex
 n/a n/a  n/a n/a
01/05/2012 Amie Cheryl L. P.J. & Michael B. Christie Brent
12/04/2011 James Chase Fite Michael B. & Cheryl L. John C. Brent
01/03/2011 Melissa Mike G. Cheryl L. Unknown Mike. G.
12/29/2011 Michael B. John C. Cheryl L. Claudia A. Cheryl L.

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