Want to understand how our GA functions? Try these links:

Some basics about how to participate in and understand what’s happening during the General Assembly  from the OWS facilitation team:

(note: not all of OWS’ model is followed here at OSD. If you’d like to change that, we meet at 5:30pm on Mondays at FP currently)

This one is basic:

Note: Until we have a consistent process for getting proposals through facilitation, we will have individual proposals come through crowd-storming and committee proposals come through committee announcements. This is a work in progress, we understand that it is frustrating. Bear with us so we can make this work well.

This one is the script that OSD consented to following:

From the Indignados of Puerta del Sol, The Quick Guide to Dynamics of People’s Assemblies has been instrumental in shaping the General Assemblies of Occupy worldwide. While it doesn’t encapsulate all of the methods of OSD’s GA, it does provide a wealth of information about Assemblies like our own. Additionally, the Quick Guide gives a good run-down on how the roles of GA should function. Enjoy!

Other useful links:

A Quick Tutorial on Compassionate Communication


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