Vote of No Confidence in John Kenney on Day 2 Tonight

A vote of no confidence in John Kenney was proposed at Friday night’s General Assembly in his presence, and many grievances were aired to John directly. The discussion led to the call for a no confidence vote on Sunday. John was encouraged to attend and speak on his own behalf. He chose not to participate in Sunday’s General Assembly, and what a vote of no confidence would entail was discussed in detail. Monday night’s General Assembly had a long discussion where all of the egregious acts and examples of subversion of the Movement were aired and called the proposal, with amendments to address concerns, to consensus. Following is the proposal, which is on the agenda again tonight, February 7th, 2012, and the results of that call.


Whereas, John Kenney is known to the Occupy San Diego General Assembly as having a history of:

  • constant, non-democratic organizing
  • constant and repetitive subversion of process
  • self-aggrandizement
  • surveillance, both audio and video, of other occupiers with their explicit dissent
  • misrepresentation of himself, others, and Occupy San Diego as a whole
  • lack of transparency and refusal to address accountability grievances with the General Assembly

We, the Occupy San Diego General Assembly, hold John Kenney in no confidence. This means that he may passively participate, he will be counted in quorum, but will not be able to block in any consensus call. He may not engage in any facilitatory role. This applies to the Occupy San Diego General Assembly, OSD Committees, OSD working groups, and planning meetings, and any InterOccupy function.

At such a time as John Kenney has addressed the concerns of the General Assembly and shows a conviction towards following the OSD process, a vote of confidence will reinstate him. The proposal to reinstate confidence must come from the Empowerment and Accountability Committees, which are tasked with ensuring all avenues to a solution are exhausted and there is insurmountable evidence that an individual’s actions are directly threatening the progress and/or solidarity of this Movement, as well as working with the same individuals towards rehabilitation. Blocks to reinstatement for stated personal reasons will not be counted for reinstatement.

While in no confidence, if John Kenney detracts or misrepresents Occupy San Diego or the process publicly – by print, electronic media, or public meeting – or purports to represent Occupy San Diego in any capacity, including the use of the word “consenter” or similar verbage in reference to himself or others, he will forfeit his ability to have our confidence in him reinstated.

[Ayes: 37]
[Abstentions: 1]
[Blocks: 4]

Concerns of the blockers:

  1. Chris M. – Wants a clear way to re-include him.
  2. ? – Don’t give up on anyone.
  3. Mari – Will block anything that’s not positively seeking a resolution of inclusion.
  4. Kali – If banning, road back needs to be clear. Too fast. Too many problems will come from this.
The Accountability Committee is meeting at 6:00pm tonight and has invited the Empowerment Committee to meet with them. The agenda for the meeting is setting a clear and concise process for reinstatement of confidence.

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