Statement of Political Autonomy

In recognition of the domination of a global corporate oligarchy and that established political parties have contributed to the economic, environmental, social and political catastrophes currently facing the world, Occupy San Diego (OSD) will refrain from endorsing political parties, candidates and affiliated groups of or by established political parties. Elected officials belonging to political parties have appropriated governance to unelected “revolving-door” bureaucrats currently responsible for shaping both American and global policies, resulting in a system of government exclusively catering to the financial and industrial elites.

Since the polulace is infinitely more mature than the politicians and talking-heads bickering among themselves about how to govern, we declare independence from the unrepresentative political domain of corporate oligarchy. Established politicians wanting to communicate with Occupy San Diego are encouraged to engage in Occupy San Diego’s participatory democracy process, go beyond formal speech making, and engage the populace horizontally.

Occupy San Diego will neither be nor become a platform for self-serving campaigns for politicians seeking office as OSD is an autonomous movement of the people.

Consensed by the Occupy San Diego General Assembly, January 23, 2012.


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