Consensus Notes from GA 01/12/12

Below are the decisions made at the General Assembly tonight, January 12th, 2012.

Discussion:  If they’re not together, do we march with Veterans for Peace or Ocupemos El Barrio/Occupy the Hood?

Proposal for tomorrow night’s GA to stand in solidarity with Ocupemos El Barrio and march in their spot in the parade.

Proposal:  That Occupy San Diego stands in solidarity with Occupy Congress.


Proposal:  That Facilitation maintain possession of the strategically recovered laptop for website upkeep and other facilitation uses. Facilitation will make the laptop available to Occupiers on site whenever on-site, battery willing. The laptop will be returned, inventoried, and officially checked out once Resources is completely back up and running.


Proposal:  That we will have GA on level ground whenever possible so everyone speaks to each other from equal ground.


Specifics for each consensus call can be found in Past Proposals.


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