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GA’s @ 8PM Tonight!

Yet another friendly reminder from your devoted Facilitation team.

The time change was made in order to accomodate the San Diego Free Speech Fights Centennial Celebration/ Soapbox extravanza. See the calendar for more details.

Speaking of reminders: Have you recently taken GA notes and forgotten to type and email them to us? We need YOU! We nearing a complete library here on our site, and we’d like to keep it than that way. If you have or you plan to take notes, get them to us by any method you can, carrier pigeons included.

If you have ANY skill at taking notes please volunteer your time!


Vote of No Confidence in John Kenney on Day 2 Tonight

A vote of no confidence in John Kenney was proposed at Friday night’s General Assembly in his presence, and many grievances were aired to John directly. The discussion led to the call for a no confidence vote on Sunday. John was encouraged to attend and speak on his own behalf. He chose not to participate in Sunday’s General Assembly, and what a vote of no confidence would entail was discussed in detail. Monday night’s General Assembly had a long discussion where all of the egregious acts and examples of subversion of the Movement were aired and called the proposal, with amendments to address concerns, to consensus. Following is the proposal, which is on the agenda again tonight, February 7th, 2012, and the results of that call.


Whereas, John Kenney is known to the Occupy San Diego General Assembly as having a history of:

  • constant, non-democratic organizing
  • constant and repetitive subversion of process
  • self-aggrandizement
  • surveillance, both audio and video, of other occupiers with their explicit dissent
  • misrepresentation of himself, others, and Occupy San Diego as a whole
  • lack of transparency and refusal to address accountability grievances with the General Assembly

We, the Occupy San Diego General Assembly, hold John Kenney in no confidence. This means that he may passively participate, he will be counted in quorum, but will not be able to block in any consensus call. He may not engage in any facilitatory role. This applies to the Occupy San Diego General Assembly, OSD Committees, OSD working groups, and planning meetings, and any InterOccupy function.

At such a time as John Kenney has addressed the concerns of the General Assembly and shows a conviction towards following the OSD process, a vote of confidence will reinstate him. The proposal to reinstate confidence must come from the Empowerment and Accountability Committees, which are tasked with ensuring all avenues to a solution are exhausted and there is insurmountable evidence that an individual’s actions are directly threatening the progress and/or solidarity of this Movement, as well as working with the same individuals towards rehabilitation. Blocks to reinstatement for stated personal reasons will not be counted for reinstatement.

While in no confidence, if John Kenney detracts or misrepresents Occupy San Diego or the process publicly – by print, electronic media, or public meeting – or purports to represent Occupy San Diego in any capacity, including the use of the word “consenter” or similar verbage in reference to himself or others, he will forfeit his ability to have our confidence in him reinstated.

[Ayes: 37]
[Abstentions: 1]
[Blocks: 4]

Concerns of the blockers:

  1. Chris M. – Wants a clear way to re-include him.
  2. ? – Don’t give up on anyone.
  3. Mari – Will block anything that’s not positively seeking a resolution of inclusion.
  4. Kali – If banning, road back needs to be clear. Too fast. Too many problems will come from this.
The Accountability Committee is meeting at 6:00pm tonight and has invited the Empowerment Committee to meet with them. The agenda for the meeting is setting a clear and concise process for reinstatement of confidence.

Consensus Update from 02/05/2012 GA

As the notes have not yet arrived in their entirety, and to keep transparency and provide as much notice as possible, these are the Proposals from Sunday night’s GA. The first reached consensus, but did not follow the correct procedures for notification so must be readdressed. The second was tabled and will be addressed by the General Assembly tonight, Monday, February 6, 2012 for a consensus call on Tuesday.

Proposal: Create an Occupy San Diego Impeachment list. (This was an “emergency” proposal in response to blatant theft by an individual at the #F8 County Summit. We have no process for emergency proposals, so this proposal will have to be re-called to consensus at a later date.)

a)      GA will be the only body that can add or remove individuals from the Impeachment list.

b)      Individuals on this list cannot participate, nor be included in quorum, in any decision making functions of Occupy San Diego. These include, but are not limited to Occupy San Diego General Assembly, Occupy San Diego Committees, Occupy San Diego Working Groups, and event planning meetings. If an individual on the impeachment list does actively participate in the process, any decisions made by that group are void.

c)       Individuals on this list will not be able to utilize Occupy San Diego property, finances, or media services, however food, water and medical services will not be denied if available.

d)      Only one person can be added to the list per-proposal.

e)      The individual specified in an impeachment proposal may not block the proposal.

f)       An impeachment proposal cannot be an emergency proposal

g)      Causes for impeachment include…

i) Overt acts of violence resulting in bodily injury

ii) Documented misappropriation of Occupy San Diego funds or assets, or a documented attempt at such

iii) Open and willful disregard for GA-consensed or approved Committee consensed process, policy, or procedure.

Proposal: John B. Kenney is to be put on the Impeachment list

[Blocked, On Agenda for Monday, 2/6/12]

Also, there is a second emergency proposal spurred by the same incident that was submitted by an individual today and will be brought up in crowd-storming tonight. It’s being included here so that the group can reference the language when it is brought up.

Individual Crowd-Storming Proposal: for 2/6/12

That OSD adopt the following language consensed to by the Occupy North County GA, to be adopted as A Charter for OSD’s nascent Accountability Committee, and to supplant the Impeachment Procedure recently consensed upon.  Recognizing that the following represents overlap with our other recently-formed “Empowerment Committee”, and further proposing that we collapse these two Committees together for the purpose of providing Mediation within OSD.

“As provided for in the First Amendment, which constitutes the justification for the Occupy movement, we seek a culture of transparency, open dialogue and free exchange of ideas to create an invaluable opportunity for networking and organizing. Instances of discrimination, hate speech or violence will not be tolerated.  [Revise the last sentence to add “willful and repeated violation of OSD’s GA-consensed policies and procedures, or malfeasance” to the list, following “violence”, deleting the “or” preceding that and adding a comma.]

“To that end, we propose that the Peacekeepers be empowered to facilitate, mediate and moderate physical and virtual interactions within ONC.  [replace ONC with Occupy San Diego].

“The Peacekeeping Committee has collectively determined the need for a mediation process. Any party can request mediation. The mediation process shall include at least 3 members of the Peacekeeping Committee who will address and clearly document the incident, and give the involved parties an opportunity for mediation before any action is taken. The documentation of any incident will be made available to any party upon request, as soon as possible.”

[Look for it in crowd-storming tonight]

As you can see, GA tonight should be contentious, and all voices are encouraged to be present and heard.


GA Minutes update!

GA MINUTES are up! There are some proposals up on the floor tonight at GA (1/27). From events committee we have proposals for events in February (see notes from 1/25) and from facilitation we have a proposal about how to keep yourself and your committee legit while planning a big public OSD event (see notes from 1/26). Have something to say about that? See you at GA!

Calling for GA Minutes!

The facilitation team has been able to acquire and archive a significant amount of all of OSD’s GA minutes. If you have taken notes for any of the days we are missing, please help. A full compendium of minutes from our General Assembly is key to empowering all curious Occupiers. Please email any notes you may have to: OSDfacilitation.ga@gmail.com

If you are great at taking notes you can help us in the future! Bring your skills to FP and help the facilitation team keep the Occupation informed and aware.

Special acknowledgement to Facilitator Melissa in her amazing efforts (read: huge accomplishments) in finding/transcribing/organizing/publishing OSDs most complete set of GA minutes! Thanks Melissa!

Statement of Political Autonomy

In recognition of the domination of a global corporate oligarchy and that established political parties have contributed to the economic, environmental, social and political catastrophes currently facing the world, Occupy San Diego (OSD) will refrain from endorsing political parties, candidates and affiliated groups of or by established political parties. Elected officials belonging to political parties have appropriated governance to unelected “revolving-door” bureaucrats currently responsible for shaping both American and global policies, resulting in a system of government exclusively catering to the financial and industrial elites.

Since the polulace is infinitely more mature than the politicians and talking-heads bickering among themselves about how to govern, we declare independence from the unrepresentative political domain of corporate oligarchy. Established politicians wanting to communicate with Occupy San Diego are encouraged to engage in Occupy San Diego’s participatory democracy process, go beyond formal speech making, and engage the populace horizontally.

Occupy San Diego will neither be nor become a platform for self-serving campaigns for politicians seeking office as OSD is an autonomous movement of the people.

Consensed by the Occupy San Diego General Assembly, January 23, 2012.

Occupy SoCal Event in San Diego on Agenda

Tonight’s GA will be one to attend. There are two proposals, one from the Occupy San Diego County Strategic Planning Committee and one from the OSD Events committee, which are being discussed today at a joint meeting of the two committees at Freedom Plaza. The GA Agenda item tonight will either be the collective plan that comes out of the joint meeting OR the GA will decide which plan to endorse moving forward as the OSD sanctioned Occupy SoCal event.

OSDCSPC’s plan involves the Democratic State Convention.
OSD Event’s plan involves a Free Speech Fight Anniversary action.
Both plans are intended to take place on Saturday, February 11th, 2012.

Hopefully, there will be one unified plan proposed at GA tonight, otherwise the 2 plans will both be addressed at the GA tonight.

We hope to see you all there!


Notes are up!

The notes from the weekend’s GAs are up! See them on the GA Minutes page.

Our facilitation team is small, and some of our members are currently Occupying the road to Congress. We make every effort to get the notes up as promptly as possible, and urge your continued patience as we streamline this process.

If you have a functioning committee that we have omitted from the Working Groups page, please send an email to osdfacilitation.ga@gmail.com or message us here with the committee name, description, and meeting times. If meeting times vary, please send us as many meeting times as are planned so that we may add those to the calendar.

Thank you all for all of your help. This would not be possible without all of the work you do!


Consensus Notes from GA 01/12/12

Below are the decisions made at the General Assembly tonight, January 12th, 2012.

Discussion:  If they’re not together, do we march with Veterans for Peace or Ocupemos El Barrio/Occupy the Hood?

Proposal for tomorrow night’s GA to stand in solidarity with Ocupemos El Barrio and march in their spot in the parade.

Proposal:  That Occupy San Diego stands in solidarity with Occupy Congress.


Proposal:  That Facilitation maintain possession of the strategically recovered laptop for website upkeep and other facilitation uses. Facilitation will make the laptop available to Occupiers on site whenever on-site, battery willing. The laptop will be returned, inventoried, and officially checked out once Resources is completely back up and running.


Proposal:  That we will have GA on level ground whenever possible so everyone speaks to each other from equal ground.


Specifics for each consensus call can be found in Past Proposals.